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Home » Oscar De La Hoya rips ‘greedy Dana White for ‘Power Slap’ on wife

Oscar De La Hoya rips ‘greedy Dana White for ‘Power Slap’ on wife

Oscar De La Hoya aimed at Dana White after a video surfaced of the UFC boss getting into an altercation with his wife over the festivities.

The incredible clip showed White and his other half of 26 years, Anne, partying in Mexico. Things took a turn when a heated argument turned physical.

Anne clipped White with an open palm before Dana fired back with a considerably harder counter. The pair exchanged more fire before the situation eventually calmed down as the video ended.

Dana White apologizes for slapping wife

White has since apologized when pulled by TMZ on the matter.

He said: “You’ve heard me say for years there is never, ever an excuse for a man to put his hands on a woman. Now here I am talking about it,” White told TMZ Sports.

“My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years, we’ve known each other since we were 12 years old, and we’ve obviously been through some stuff together. We’ve got three kids, and this is one of those situations which is horrible.”

The new combat venture ‘Power Slap’ owner added: “I’m embarrassed, but it’s also one of those situations where we’re more concerned about our kids.

“Since the video popped up, we’ve shown our kids the video, and we’re more focused on our family right now.

“People are going to have opinions on this. Most people’s opinions will be right, especially in my case. You don’t put your hands on a woman, ever.”

Oscar De La Hoya rips White

Upon witnessing the incident, De La Hoya took it as an opportunity to swipe at White over his links to a slapping profession.

“My good friend Dana White is so greedy he decided to steal fighter pay from his new league on TBS’ Power Slap’ by getting fighter of the night against his wife.

“Those Boston aerobic instructors are real tough guys,” stated the Golden Boy promoter.

Furthermore, White is ashamed of his behavior and did move quickly to condemn himself. All he has to do now is persuade the court of public opinion.

“There was definitely a lot of alcohol involved, but that’s not an excuse,” an embarrassed White continued. “I’m literally making no excuses for this thing at all.

“Whatever people say, it’s deserved. It happened. I don’t know why it happened. My wife and I have apologized to each other and apologized to our kids.

“That was the beginning of it and the end of it. We’re still on vacation.

“We had too much to drink. Whatever happened that night happened, but that was it, and it was done,” he concluded.

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