Ramblings of a Mad Man: Clearly lost Scott Fitzgerald in excruciating rant

Upon being released from police custody on Tuesday morning, British super-welterweight champion Scott Fitzgerald went off on one big time.

The Preston boxer posted more than ten videos of himself throughout the day, not much of which made any sense whatsoever.

From accidentally calling out UFC star Darren Till, to incoherently warning people, the 28 year-old is clearly in turmoil.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has been urged to put an arm around Fitzgerald, who is certainly struggling since winning the Lonsdale Belt.

“Eddie Hearn, think you need to check in with Scott Fitzgerald, he’s going off the rails by looks of it,” said one concerned fan.

Defeating Anthony Fowler in Liverpool last year, Fitzgerald was linked to a rematch in 2020. Due to the current crisis, that is unlikely to go ahead anytime soon.

Fitzgerald has already spent time in rehab and is now being investigated over an alleged assault on his girlfriend.

Police in the region would only state: “A 28-year-old man from Preston has been arrested on suspicion of assault. Inquiries are ongoing,” when addressing any future action.

If charged and convicted over the allegations, made by a relative of the victim, Fitzgerald will face possible jail time.

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Claiming he’s moving to London to seek permanent help from his gambling and drinking problems, the ‘Mad Man’ is spending far too much time and airing more than he should be on social media.

“Alright guys, new phone soon land. Used to be full-on junky hahaha swear to God I don’t know why he’s always looked after me.

“Swear to god maybe even longer than the 3 days. I’ve been told they are the best in Europe, that’s the word on the street around the London.

“Beyonce it’s a big call but it’s my opinion best song you’ve done and tell your Jay to give us a bell if he’s got any questions. I can tag them guys now I’ve got #50kfollowers.”

That’s just one of the recent posts by Fitzgerald, who not many can make head nor tail of. We hope he continues to seek the help he obviously needs.