Fans say Martin Bakole shared child sex abuse video, want answers

Martin Bakole Anthony Joshua

A shocking storm has brewed against heavyweight Martin Bakole after accusations from fans of child porn being shared on social media.

After Billy Joe Saunders was suspended for posting a joke domestic violence clip, some are now asking why Bakole’s video was seemingly ignored.

Allegedly uploaded on Saturday morning before being quickly deleted, there have been further claims Bakole even apologized for the mistake. If he did, this regret has also been removed.

World Boxing News has not seen the video, so they are not in a position to make any comment on it. Those who questioned why Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn condemned Saunders for his actions have not mentioned Bakole.

Whether Bakole innocently and mistakenly uploaded the clip or not, fans are still puzzled about the lack of reporting.


“Why is Martin Bakole’s video not being mentioned,” asked one in the Twitter thread.

Other comments said: “So within a week, Martin Bakole shared child porn on social media. BJS put out a video of how to beat a woman, and Scott Fitzgerald roughed up his ex. Boxers are not the sharpest bunch, are they? Isolation sending men mad.”

“What’s this about Martin Bakole putting videos up on Twitter?”

“Boxer Martin Bakole uploaded a video of an old fella n—-ing a kid on Twitter then quickly deleted it and apologized.”

“@EddieHearn, you were appalled about Billy Joe Saunders and his video at the weekend. We get it, but what about Martin Bakole and the child porn video he uploaded? Not the fact he uploaded it to Twitter, but who sent it to him. child porn is much worse than woman-beating.”

“Martin Bakole posts a video of child sexual abuse on Twitter and gets nothing.”

“Have the board seen the Martin Bakole video yet?”

“Matchroom is probably trying to bury the Martin Bakole story because the person who sent Bakole that video is either within their circle or close to it. They wouldn’t behave like this otherwise because Bakole is a chump who doesn’t sell tickets. He’d be fired instantly.”

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“Martin Bakole, another boxer, shared a video on Twitter of child porn. Nothing said.”

“Martin Bakole uploaded a video three days ago of a little girl being touched up. No media backlash and only a demanded apology from Matchroom.”

“Any mention of the Martin Bakole video?”

“Martin Bakole posted a video of an old man s—-ing a little un this morning. Yet Billy Joe gets the backlash for a joke video.”

It’s since been revealed that Bakole may have been angry at what he’d come across, then posted it to show his displeasure. If true, again, the wrong move.

Extra scrutiny is certainly being put on the accounts of boxers as the coronavirus crisis deepens and no boxers have any fights on the horizon.

The least fans certainly want an explanation on why Bakole shared the video.