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Home » Joseph Parker describes partying with Floyd Mayweather after spider bite

Joseph Parker describes partying with Floyd Mayweather after spider bite

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Former heavyweight champion Joseph Parker has discussed partying with Floyd Mayweather after a clash with Derek Chisora was called off.

Parker and Chisora were due to meet in the UK last year until a shock spider bite ruled the former out of the Pay-Per-View battle.

Forced to take some unplanned time out, Las Vegas-based Parker bumped into Mayweather when out on the famous strip with Tyson Fury.

The trio subsequently spent the evening relaxing, with Mayweather even taking the New Zealander to a club.

“Tyson is a great guy. When I got bitten by a spider and got sick, I had the opportunity to catch up for dinner on the strip,” Parker revealed to “He bought me a nice steak. We celebrated life and enjoyed each other’s company.

“It was me, my trainer, Barry, Tyson, and his security. We were walking through the casino. Everyone is like ‘Woah man’, he’s walking around with this energy.

“Then we went to a nightclub to meet Floyd. To take some photos. For me, it’s just crazy, from where I come from in New Zealand. Being able to hang out with this champion and show me a good time. It was awesome.”

Adding further details of their chill, Parker said: “He didn’t strip me down and throw me in the pool or anything, though. It was a very manly hangout!

“Floyd is cool, I’ve met him twice. Floyd is Floyd, getting the best tables here and there. Buying this and that splashing the cash – he’s one of the best of our generation ever.”


A return to action is scheduled for February 29th for Parker when the one-time WBO title-holder battles the unheralded Shawndell Winters.

Reaction to Parker’s next opponent has been rather negative since being announced, although the 28-year-old is simply building for bigger things.

There is a possibility the Chisora fight could be resurrected. It all depends on when Oleksandr Usyk can get back to action from his slight ailment.

An official announcement on Usyk vs Chisora is expected by March.