Tommy Morrison widow WINS landmark ruling, case denial reconsidered

Tommy Morrison

The widow of Tommy Morrison, Trisha, has won a landmark ruling in court for the reconsideration of re-opening the late boxer’s case against the Nevada Commission.

Back in 1996, Morrison was denied a license to box due to the understanding that he tested positive for the HIV virus. A diagnosis Morrison had always denied.

‘The Duke’ was subsequently forced out of the sport until a brief comeback in 2007. But Morrison lost millions of pounds in career earnings.

Fighting to clear his name of contracting HIV until his death in 2013 at the age of 44, Trisha Morrison then took over the challenge.

Trisha has never once wavered in her adamance that Tommy was never HIV positive as stated in reports at the time.

Asking for the case to be re-opened, Courts in Las Vegas had been deliberating for some weeks over the matter.

Due to evidence presented by Trisha, which states Morrison died with no trace of HIV in his system, the case will now be considered.

Several figures involved in denying Morrison a license will then be required to respond to Trisha’s evidence.

🎲FEBRUARY 11th 2020🎲👨‍⚖👩‍⚖ BREAKING NEWS 👩‍⚖👨‍⚖…our COURT DOCUMENTS (less the bling/sparkle!) were received by the…

Zveřejnil(a) Tommy Trisha Morrison dne Úterý 11. února 2020

Announcing the news, Trisha happily said: “Our Court documents were received by the Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. (They have been) accepted and filed on the record.

“Defendants have until February 25th to respond.”

On the landmark ruling, Trisha stated: “Today the Judge in Las Vegas, Nevada also accepted and filed my motion of reconsideration of his denial to reopen Tommy’s case.”


A separate matter which makes accusations of concealing evidence – is also being heard, she explained.

👩‍⚖♥️ 🙏THANK YOU 🙏♥️👨‍⚖……the JUDGE in Las Vegas read MY PETITION for Defendants to RELEASE the fraudulently…

Zveřejnil(a) Tommy Trisha Morrison dne Pondělí 10. února 2020

“The judge in Las Vegas read my petition for defendants to release the fraudulently concealed disc of Tommy’s medical records. Defendants have until February 21 to respond (to this).”

The tireless work of Trisha is the sole reason this case continues to roll on despite Tommy passing away sadly in 2013. At the time, Tommy spoke to WBN on many occasions. The Rocky V star was adamant that one day his name would be cleared.

Now, thanks to Trisha’s efforts, Tommy may be one step closer to doing just that.

Some documents can be viewed below. All documents have been provided by Trisha in full. They can be accessed via Trish and Tommy’s Facebook page HERE.

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