What REALLY happened between Adrien Broner and Gervonta Davis?

Adrien Broner Gervonta Davis


Adrien Broner and Gervonta Davis spent an interesting weekend in Las Vegas taking in the Canelo vs Sergey Kovalev fight on the world-famous strip.

As the pair enjoyed their time in and around the MGM Grand Casino, a claim surfaced that Broner and Davis had a ruckus. Also that a media officer was punch during the incident.

The reporter involved was instantly shut-down by Espinoza, who claimed the shocking incident was mere ‘bulls***’ in response.

It’s since been revealed what actually happened. It acts as a stark warning about how media and fake news currently work.

A Chinese whisper can have a snowball effect. Then it can turn an innocent story into a completely different one entirely.

Espinoza had elaborated on his ‘bulls***’ before online news videographer, Elie Seckbach enlightened everyone on events that transpired.

“If a professional boxer – Broner or otherwise – hit a ‘PR guy with a “haymaker,’ then said PR guy would be in the ER,” pointed out Espinoza.

“Having seen and spoken with said PR guy, that never happened.”

He added: “Worry about your disaster of a telecast before trying to distract with false stories.”

Seckbach then picked up proceedings when he posted a video of Broner and Davis in the lobby of the MGM. As it turns out, the story came from simple horseplay.

Broner and Davis can be seen goofing around before the Canelo fight took place. At one point, they got involved in WWE-style playfighting.

No punches were ever thrown and no argument took place, according to Seckbach, who was with the boxers throughout.

Firm friends, Broner and Davis have gotten closer recently. A situation widely reported in the media with slight concern.


Nicknamed ‘The Problem’, Broner has been just that for some years after repeating getting in trouble with the law.

Many representatives of the mainstream media believe Broner could be a bad influence on Davis. Nothing untoward has yet come to pass, though.

Due to their ongoing relationship, any chance of a future fight between the two world champions has also gone out of the window.

Currently enjoying a semi-retirement, Broner has been out of action since losing to Manny Pacquiao back in January.

In contrast, Davis is scheduled to challenge for another weight class title before the end of the year.

Catch Elie Seckbach videos on YouTube HERE