The late Tommy Morrison’s big-punching sons are knocking out everyone

Trey Lippe Tommy Morrison Kenzie Morrison

📸 Mikey Williams

World Boxing News has covered the careers of both Trey Lippe-Morrison and Kenzie Morrison since the offspring of old friend Tommy Morrison made their respective debuts.

Trey and Kenzie entered the ring respectively in 2014, just months after their father tragically passed away at the age of just 44.

They both began with an early stoppage, and they’ve been knocking everyone out ever since!

In 32 heavyweight bouts between them, 29 opponents have gone within four rounds.

As their careers begin to hot up, Trey, 30 and Kenzie, 29 are now set to move up a level in order to seek out titles.

Like Tommy before them, the sons have big ambitions as both told WBN in previous interviews (KENZIE / TREY).

Explaining his style compared to Trey, Kenzie revealed which one hits the hardest.

“Yeah, it’s been interesting sparring with Trey as he hits like a mule, man,” Morrison exclusively told World Boxing News. “I’m a little faster so I hit him more times than he hit me.

“As he hits me that bit harder, it’s had to have been stopped a few times because we both haven’t got any quit in us. “

“I would say that we are really night and day, though – style-wise. Trey is more a get low and moving his head a lot type of fighter. He gets inside to the body.

“Plus, he’s obviously got a lot of power in those hands.

“I’m more, I like to rely on my feet, my movement, and my speed. I like to stick and move and not get hit. I’m more of a slick boxer.

“He’s more of an inside fighter and I’m more of an outside fighter. So I would say its kind of night and day.”


After linking up with Freddie Roach, Trey has come on leaps and bounds since breaking out of his hometown.

More recently, Trey ventured to Costa Rica for his toughest test but managed to get Pedro Martinez out of there in six.

The win represents the most rounds Trey has ever gone in the ring, despite notching his 16th straight KO on the spin in the paid ranks.

Kenzie is the image of his famous dad. He holds two draws and two distance triumphs on his record but continues to learn.

The younger sibling’s latest win was a second round bashing of a 5-0 Sam Shewmaker.

Set to return to action before the end of the year in a bid to secure another victory, 2020 should be a very interesting year for Trey and Kenzie.