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Home » Exclusive: Kenzie Morrison backs brother Trey to shine on TV debut

Exclusive: Kenzie Morrison backs brother Trey to shine on TV debut

Now, as both brothers head towards separate bouts on Friday night in Oklahoma, Kenzie has added more to the story by revealing their contrasting styles meant training sessions got a little heated at times.

“Yeah, it’s been interesting sparring with Trey as he hits like a mule, man,” Morrison exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’m a little faster so I hit him more times than he hit me, but he hits me that bit harder so it’s had to have been stopped a few times because we both haven’t got any quit in us.

“I would say that we are really night and day, though – style-wise. Trey is more a get low and moving his head a lot type of fighter and gets inside to the body, Plus, he’s obviously got a lot of power in those hands.

“And I am more, I like to rely on my feet, my movement, and my speed. I like to stick and move and not get hit as I’m more of a slick boxer. He’s more of an inside fighter and I’m more of an outside fighter, so I would say its kind of night and day.

“Saying that, I haven’t seen Trey in action for about four or five months though as he’s been out with an injury so am sure that he’s improved a lot more in that time. The hand injury meant he had to focus on strength and conditioning which has turned him into a monster. He’s shredded up and he looks like The Terminator.

“I considered Trey more of a banger but I could be wrong and his feet could have gotten faster as he’s been out there working his butt off, so I’m excited to see what he’s improved on based on last time I saw him fight.”

Despite starting off together, Trey has since moved on to train with Freddie Roach and other big names at the Wild Card and is gearing up to make his TV debut this weekend on the ShoBox portion of the bill.

“I’m excited for him as we basically have made this journey together,” he said. “I started fighting pros shortly after he did and we fought at the same place with each other almost every time.

“It’s been an exciting new experience for both of us and I couldn’t be happier for him it. This fight will probably be one of the most important things he’s done in his life and it’s that step up opportunity where you get to see what you’re made of.

“Of course, I already know what he’s made of and I’m excited for him to show what he’s got. I hope he does the best he can do because I will be right there with him when he does.

“Obviously, having the famous dad we have always means we are talked about in the same breath as a world champion, so it would be a dream come true for one of us to make it there one day and that’s the dream we are both chasing,” added Morrison.