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Exclusive: Matthew Hatton updates on Ricky’s son Campbell

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Former European welterweight champion Matthew Hatton spoke exclusively to World Boxing News about nephew Campbell.

One such protege is his nephew, the son of his former world champion sibling, 18-year-old Campbell.

Although still in the amateur ranks, Campbell is progressing nicely, according to his uncle.

“Yeah, Campbell’s coming on a treat,” Hatton exclusively told World Boxing News this week.

“I’m heavily involved with Campbell now on the coaching side. He’s done plenty of work with myself.

“Also, he’s been doing bits with his dad, Ricky and he’s got the guy’s down at Roy Richardson’s, his amateur club, they are doing a fantastic job with him. So Campbell’s got a really exciting future.”

It’s clear to see from any video footage of a similar style between the younger Hatton and his dad Ricky, which Matthew agrees on.

“He’s obviously got an eye-catching style, which is really similar to his father’s style. Campbell is very keen to turn professional. He would turn professional tomorrow if we would let him.”

Matthew doesn’t want to rush Campbell too soon, having felt he had turned pro quicker than he should have in his own amateur days.

“I think Campbell needs a little bit more experience in the amateurs,” Hatton said. “One of my regrets as an amateur is I had a similar amount of bouts as Campbell has now. One of my regrets is I think I turned professional too soon really.

“I think I should have got a bit more amateur experience behind me. We have got to learn from the past.

“I think Campbell needs (more amateur experience). The amateur season is just about to start now, which he’s looking forward to. He’s got the boys club hot, the ABA’s, obviously.

“Campbell suffered a bit of a stop-start year last year. He was bothered with a few injuries. So, fingers crossed, we can get some momentum going this year with Campbell. (Hopefully) he can stay injury-free, have a busy year, and see where we go.”

Sometimes, young amateur boxers are too keen to make the move to the paid ranks quickly. However, most won’t have the likes of Matthew and Ricky Hatton to temper that youthful eagerness.

“Campbell wants to turn professional,” the boxer-turned-trainer explains. “But it’s all down to how he performs and looks in training, obviously the results. And the determination and dedication he shows outside of the ring.”

Matthew believes it won’t take much longer for Campbell to eventually make the move to the professional game.

“Campbell’s a very talented lad. He’s got a lot of natural physical advantages and strength, and he hits hard.

“He’s just got to keep working hard and show discipline outside of the ring and in it. I’m sure it won’t be too long until Campbell is ready to turn professional, but he’s not quite there.”

By Mick Kane.