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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Campbell Hatton opens up on following in dad Ricky’s footsteps, talks pro ambition

EXCLUSIVE: Campbell Hatton opens up on following in dad Ricky’s footsteps, talks pro ambition

The teenager has been the focus of several social media videos citing the obvious boxing blood coursing through his veins in which Campbell has a distinct likeness to his famous dad.

Opening up on his future in the sport, Campbell is looking to impress before hitting the paid ranks.

“I’m still fighting amateur at the minute, I just won the national development title last season and this year I hope to get as many fights as I can,” Hatton exclusively told World Boxing News.

“With me still being 17, I still have time to wait before I turn pro so I’m looking to get all the experience that I can.”

Still making his way in the fight game, Campbell stated he could be ready to turn pro by as early as next year.

“I’ll have a crack at ABA’s and probably within the next 12 months – if everyone thinks I’m ready – I’ll look to turn professional.

“Hopefully, if I carry on improving like I have been doing over the last few months – I should be ready. As long as everyone around me thinks its the right move.”

Turning professional as early as next year would also see a short amateur career for Campbell and missing out on the Olympics just like his father.

When asked by WBN if going the Olympic games route interests him, he replied: “No, not really. I’m loving boxing in the amateurs but pursuing a long career in the amateurs it doesn’t really appeal to me. I’m more interested in the pro game,” he pointed out.

As Hatton looks to turn pro next year, the question is what he hopes to achieve as he has big shoes to fill.

“I’m not really sure, everyone around me seems to think I can go places, I’m just gonna take each fight as it comes and play it by ear by not getting ahead of ourselves.”

Despite a huge family tradition in Ricky and uncle Matthew – a former European champion and world title challenger, Campbell revealed it was his decision alone to lace up the boxing gloves.

“I did it on my own, getting into it. I’ve been fighting amateur for the past two years and it’s only in the past two months I’ve been training full-time with my dad and Matt,” explained Hatton.

“I’ve always done little bits but I’ve just really gone on my own but now I’m stepping up levels in the amateurs and I just think I’ll benefit loads by training alongside professionals.

“Training every day with my dad and Matt, what they’ve done, what they know about the sport – the knowledge is second to none between them.

“I think it’s that next step to take me that little bit further and I look forward to it,” he concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller