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Home » Jarrell Miller: I fight for the underdogs, cheeseburgers can go real far!

Jarrell Miller: I fight for the underdogs, cheeseburgers can go real far!

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Jarrell Miller is living, breathing proof that the current heavyweight blueprint of a giant with long arms doesn’t always guarantee a world title shot.

At 6ft 4ins and over 300 pounds, the portly American bids to prove UK bookmakers wrong in a summer clash with Anthony Joshua.

Given New York home advantage, ‘Big Baby’ still has massive odds to overcome. Joshua is undefeated in 22 contests and has knocked over all but one of his opponents thus far.

Miller, for his worth, has looked good in gaining his shot. Although the proof will be in the pudding when the first bell goes at Madison Square Garden.

During the initial press tour, Miller has cut a relaxed figure. The 30 year-old has also given as good as he gets and more in the head-to-head stakes.

Facing trolling over his weight from a portion of the British fans and stark warnings from Joshua himself, Miller has been completely unfazed.

“You already know how I feel about AJ, you all know my back story. You know where I come from and know where we’re going. I just can’t wait for June 1,” said Miller.

“We’re going to do the thing, man. I’ve been hearing from the fans themselves saying AJ is too posh – his nose is up here sometimes. They don’t give two licks about him right now.

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“I’m for the underdogs. For all the underdogs out there, people telling them they’re not good enough, or people telling them they’re too fat, or whatever the discrete is they want discriminate against you, don’t listen to them.

“Just keep pushing through because I’m a proving factor that hard work and dedication, and you know one or two cheeseburgers and a cup tea you can go real far.

“Let’s go to work, June 1, there will be fireworks. There will be that saying that I love so much, ‘And the new,’ so tune-in June 1 on DAZN for $9.99, and watch me kick AJ’s butt.”

Joshua has to win in order to remain on the path for Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury. All three of the top division superstars are now campaigning in separate bouts.

With potentially the latest date of the trio, everything will become clearer once the dust settles on Joshua v Miller.