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Home » Marcos Maidana ‘comeback’ announcement causes media and fan frenzy

Marcos Maidana ‘comeback’ announcement causes media and fan frenzy

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A video circulating showing Marcos Maidana calling out the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez, and Amir Khan has caused a frenzy on social media.

The 35 year-old retired four years ago at a tender age. Maidana has been seen happily enjoying the fruits of his labor ever since.


‘Chino’ fought Mayweather twice in 2014 before walking away with an eight-figure bank balance and a cigar in hand.

With no desire to return after an attempt one year later, Maidana was quite content to leave the sport behind.

After years of putting his feet up, Maidana has recently confirmed a return to the sport. But only in a promotional capacity.

Maidana has been at the center of media activities this week as his maiden event on the organizational side is just around the corner.

Brother Fabian headlines the Estadio Polideportivo in Mar del Plata, Argentina this Saturday. The move came after special dispensation was granted by US promoter Al Haymon.

Comments made by Maidana in a Tuesday interview have been taken as full confirmation by some. Whilst Maidana said things a lot differently just the day prior.

Maidana told TN channel, Argentina the following on January 7th: “One year after I retired I wanted to come back but the willing wasn’t really there. I went to the US, I rented a car and apartment for one month but I left after only one week. The fire inside me was not there anymore.”


The former world champion also advised compatriot Sergio Martinez to stay retired. This came after reports in 2018 of a return to action by the ex-middleweight king.

“There are some boxers who come back because they miss the noise. It happened to me but I understood that it was enough. At certain age you can feel great but your body is not the same. So Maravilla Martinez should enjoy all the glory he achieved,” he said.

So taking these statements and Maidana’s lack of gym activity, the sensational comeback statement is likely to be merely a bluff to hype his forthcoming show.

Fabian hopes to go 17-0 in the super-lightweight division against Jaider Parra.