EXCLUSIVE: AJ vs Deontay Wilder contract points addressed, response next week

Anthony Joshua Deontay Wilder Shelly Finkel

Lawrence Lustig / Ed Diller

Deontay Wilder’s co-manager and advisor Shelly Finkel has confirmed to WBN a reponse was recieved from Eddie Hearn over the two clarification points in the contract for a super-fight with Anthony Joshua.

Finkel had previously stated that two specific flags in the paperwork needed attention when speaking to World Boxing News on Thursday.

“We looked at the contract on Monday and raised two specific details in the paperwork that we needed clarification of,” Finkel exclusively told WBN.

“It’s frustrating as Eddie Hearn is stating in the media that we need to be quick and sign the contract, but how can we sign if they don’t respond to our email and clarify our concerns?

“If we are being rushed we really need to hear back from Barry in order to be able to complete things on our side,” he added.

Asked by WBN on Friday whether those issues raised had been addressed by Matchroom Boxing, Finkel replied with: “Eddie sent us a response, which we will respond to next week.”

In a development yesterday, Hearn had commented on the two points via social media, hinting those bones of contention were no longer an issue.

Stating ‘The Winkle had been satisfied’ – using his derogatory pet-name for Finkel – Wilder’s co-manager and advisor, Hearn suggested an agreement could now be close.


Whilst an official deal with Wilder is closer than ever, many fans are questioning both sides desire to reach an amicable agreement – correctly or not.

Social media is awash with conflicting stories of both Wilder and Joshua attempting to avoid a deal being done in earnest.

Fans have begun quizzing Hearn, coming up with their conclusions that US television rights could now be the major stumbling block for the fight.

Hearn answered one tweet asking if DAZN, Wilder and Joshua would be working together with the term ‘they don’t care’ – leading to Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza raising his own questions on the matter.

Showtime have an exclusive deal in place to show Joshua fights, although the new DAZN deal involving Hearn and Matchroom has been rumored to be in the running for Stateside broadcast rights to the heavyweight unification.

Espinoza, responding directly to DAZN’s possible involvement and quoting Hearn, stated: “What network/platform involved in boxing ‘doesn’t care’ about getting the rights to Joshua-Wilder?” – Something seems to allude to a possible problem.

Further news is expected to surface next week, with a Joshua v Wilder agreement not likely to get over the line until Monday or Tuesday – if indeed a full agreement is forthcoming.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay