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Home » ‘Floyd Mayweather in UFC? – I don’t want to see that!’ – Tracy Morgan

‘Floyd Mayweather in UFC? – I don’t want to see that!’ – Tracy Morgan

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Actor, comedian, and all-around boxing fan Tracy Morgan gave his views on the potential participation of Floyd Mayweather in Mixed Martial Arts.

Mayweather recently turned 41 and retired last August following his win over former UFC champion Conor McGregor but has been consistently linked to a rematch in the octagon this year.

Floyd Mayweather UFC

Posed the question by Randy Gordan and Gerry Cooney on SiriusXM’s Boxing Radio show recently, Morgan gave an unequivocal answer to whether he’d like to see Mayweather make the cross-code transition.

“I don’t want to see that. No. Mayweather’s a boxer. He could get kicked, get hurt. I don’t want to see that. I’d just want Mayweather to ride off into the sunset and spend his money,” Morgan told SiriusXM Boxing Radio.

On Mayweather receiving criticism for showing off his lavish lifestyle, Morgan added: “Just chill out. There’s nothing wrong with him. People complain about my man Mayweather, but it’s opulence. There’s nothing wrong with a little opulence.

“You know what you have to do to get all of that? He could die in that ring. So why do we complain about his jets and all – let him spend his money? He is not selling crack in front of schoolyards.

Tracy Morgan

“He’s earning that. He’s fighting. But we always gotta complain about opulence. There’s something wrong with that. People hate him cause he got all the money,” pointed out Morgan.

Despite the rumors dying since an explosion when Mayweather posted videos of himself inside his MMA ring, McGregor is still holding out for the call after being stripped of his lightweight belt.

The Irishman remains the frontrunner to get the nod should Mayweather finally take the plunge, although the chances of the ‘Money’ man ever donning the smaller, fingerless gloves are dropping by the day.

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