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Home » Mayweather to ‘move on to another guy’ if he secures Pacquiao win

Mayweather to ‘move on to another guy’ if he secures Pacquiao win

The 38 year-old, who is just three wins from breaking Rocky Marciano’s long-standing 49-0 record, took his time in searching out a clash with seven-weight champion Pacquiao but says meeting the Filipino face-to-face sealed the deal.

“I think that us meeting after the Miami Heat basketball game, meeting one-on-one, I feel that that is the reason why this fight happened,” said Mayweather.

“It really came down to my team and his team sitting down and communicating, getting on the same page basically.

“There is no sense of relief that the fight is made. My focus is just on living my daily life and focusing on what I have to do. I can’t live my life for anyone else.”

Mayweather is the favorite with the bookmakers to keep his amazing run together against his most dangerous opponent to date, although hinted that a rematch won’t be on the cards once the final bell rings and his hand is raised.

“We have faced all the top guys in this sport and have beaten all the top guys. After this fight, which I believe I will be victorious, then we will move on to another guy,” he said, confirming what Bob Arum told WBN regarding there being no return clause in the contract.

“May 2 we have a tough task ahead of me. Manny Pacquaio is a good fighter, but last time I checked I faced eight southpaws and won eight times, so I am not worried.

“You best believe that I will be in top shape and be the best Floyd Mayweather I can possibly be,” Mayweather added.