Provodnikov predicts Mayweather-Cotto return will be better, fancies own Pacquiao chances over Khan

Russian puncher Ruslan Provodnikov is still harbouring hopes of landing a clash with Wild Card stablemate Manny Pacquiao despite being in advanced talks with Argentinian hardman Lucas Matthysse.

The 31 year-old is close to naming Matthysse as his next foe as ‘The Siberian Rocky’ plots a course towards another world title and says if talks between Pacquiao and Mayweather break down, he would happily step into the breach.

“I do not know any details about Pacquiao and Mayweather’s talks and actually I don’t pay much attention to it,” Provodnikov exclusively told World Boxing News.

“If they did reach an agreement though it would be an interesting fight, but that is if it happens and even then I would be rooting for Manny to win.”

Like Provodnikov, Amir Khan is awaiting news of the super-fight as the Briton bids to face either of the top two pound for pound champions, although Provodnikov says a Pacquiao fight against the Olympic silver medallist does not appeal to the fans as much.

“I don’t’ think that Pacquiao should fight Amir Khan because he will run and the fight will not be too entertaining. I think Pacquiao should fight me because it would be a real fight in the ring and I would not run.”

Finally, asked whether another fight between Mayweather and Puerto Rican legend Miguel Cotto would be detrimental to the sport and if he believes ‘Money’ would face a backlash from the fans if avoiding Pacquiao, Provodnikov answered: “I don’t think so. Mayweather and Cotto had a great fight the first time and it could be an better one this time.”

Provodnikov’s manager Vadim Kornilov also informed WBN that the Matthysse fight was ‘not done yet’ but ‘almost’ when quizzed for an update on Tuesday.