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Manny Pacquiao recounts his wild days and life u-turn

Interviewed last week as he promoted his upcoming ‘Manny’ movie, which documents Pacquiao’s rise from a pauper in Asia to a global superstar, the 36 year-old opened up on the life changes he has made since going off the rails at the height of his success.

“I liked gambling, womanising, drinking, but when I found God and found Jesus and accepted him as my Lord and Savior, I did a 180-degree turn away from a worldly life,” Pacquiao told ESPN.

“It just happened with conviction in my heart. One day, it just came to my heart: I don’t like this anymore. My desire became to read the Bible, pray to the Lord and confess my sins. Only God can change us. Even my friends, they were very surprised that I turned 180 degrees away from a worldly life. I don’t regret it. I’m very happy that I found the right path.”

The ‘Pacman’ is currently 80% sure a fight with Mayweather will happen on May 2nd in Las Vegas – a highly-anticipated clash which will net the Congressman a career-best purse of around $100 million and finally crown the number one pound for pound fighter of this generation.