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Home » Exclusive: Biaggio Ali Walsh discusses boxing bloodline, MMA run

Exclusive: Biaggio Ali Walsh discusses boxing bloodline, MMA run

World Boxing News caught up with Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of the great Muhammad Ali, ahead of the MMA star’s next fight.

Ali Walsh is set to face Ed Davis in the Professional Fighters League on Wednesday night. The lightweight clash will be broadcast on ESPN.

The 24-year-old aims to put a fifth victory on his 4-1 record with a triumph over the 2-1 Davis.

As the clash drew near, WBN asked Ali Walsh about his fighting career, brother – the unbeaten boxer Nico Ali Walsh, and his world-famous bloodline.

World Boxing News with Biaggio Ali Walsh

You are building a knockout reputation, Biaggio. Do you hope that continues on Aug 23?

BAW: “Yeah, whatever gets me to win the fight. I’m going to do what it gets to secure a win.”

Do you see that striking power as genetic coming from your family background?

“I think it is genetic. Striking for MMA is much different than boxing. That’s the striking I learned [for MMA].”

What are the long-term goals for your MMA career, and do you see a future in boxing?

“My long term goal is to just be an exciting fighter. Belts come and go, but exciting fighters are remembered.”

Could you see yourself sharing a boxing card with Nico or do you think he’d ever consider MMA?

“No, my brother loves boxing and it’s in his heart to box. Right now, I’m a MMA fighter and he is a boxer.”

A lot of descendants of famous fighters don’t make it to the top, what makes you different from the rest?

“I haven’t done and accomplished enough to say that I am different than any of them. I think my family background, my faith, and my mindset is the only thing that I can really rely on.”

6. How do you think you are adding to Ali legacy?

“Trying my best to be a good muslim each and everyday and helping others. I remember my grandfather for who he was as a person, not a fighter.”

What does the immediate future hold for you?

“Inshallah, hopefully getting more wins and having a successful professional career.”

Ali legacy

It’s well documented what Biaggio’s grandfather Muhammad Ali did, not only for boxing, but for sport and the wider world. If Ali Walsh can garner an ounce of that success for his own battles, he’ll go a long way in anything he puts his mind to.

As his sibling Biaggio and Nico are both proving, fighting is in the DNA of the Ali heritage. It comes with the territory that the interest in their respecitve careers is more intensified than others.

On Wednesday, Biaggio aims to put another W in the Ali win column. Tune in.

Phil Jay is an experienced boxing news writer.

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