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Home » Andy Ruiz Jr. restraining order sours ‘slob’ ex-heavyweight champ

Andy Ruiz Jr. restraining order sours ‘slob’ ex-heavyweight champ

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Andy Ruiz Jr. was told to stay away from his ex-partner after his relationship with Julie Lemus ended in a nightmare scenario.

World Boxing News reported that Ruiz faces a crisis in his personal life due to a messy split. The former world heavyweight champion’s relationship with his wife took a turn for the worst, with Lemus claiming he was abusive and cheated on her.

Andy Ruiz Jr. restraining order

Lemus filed for the domestic violence restraining order in San Diego on April 6. She alleged Ruiz had “sexually, physically, and psychologically” abused her.

Also, he made her “feel like she had to walk on eggshells” all the time, and in another body blow, Lemus claims Ruiz wasn’t the greatest father in the world.

Julie posts a video of her throwing Andy’s possessions in the trash on her social media accounts. They included a diamond-encrusted art piece Ruiz bought with the money from his shock world title win.

Putting his clothes and belongings in plastic trash bins, Julie stated, “The joke is on both of us,” as she also posted a conversation with Ruiz.

In it, Andy called his wife a “punk” before Julie then opened up about what seems to be a messy split. The pair have five young children, but Ruiz stands accused of cheating.

“In recent days, a story about my personal life has been circulating in various Spanish-language media outlets. It was handled in a wrong and disrespectful manner,” said Julie.

Ruiz’s wife moves on

In addition, Julie responded to the speculation that she’d already moved on: “In this regard, and to keep my public and the media duly informed, I clarify that at the time, I decided to open my heart again. My previous relationship [with Andy] had already ended.

“I want to live calmly in this new stage of my life that began recently. All human beings deserve a new opportunity to find happiness. That is exactly what I am doing right now, and I thank God for that.”

Furthermore, Andy commented on the shocking turn of events. But only after being labeled a ‘slob’ by someone who seemed to know the pair and commented on Julie’s Instagram.

“Look, I’m gonna be honest, if dude ain’t going respect you and the kids, let that slob go,” said Julio Sanchez.

“He can keep that wannabe famous broad. Homie is going to learn why he chooses his reputation with sloppy Mayeli. Julie, get your lawyers and buckle up!”

Ruiz denial

Ruiz addressed the reports by stating: “It is worth mentioning that I will always look for the welfare of my children. I will always respect their mothers.

“Thank you very much for your support. I ask for your respect in this time of life,” he concluded.

Ruiz was linked to a fight with Tyson Fury in London. However, with the accusations circling, it’s hard to see how Ruiz will gain access to the United Kingdom.

Any trace of Lemus on Ruiz’s social media has since been deleted.

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