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Home » Kim K: Floyd Mayweather Sr. sucker-puncher Charlie Zelenoff is my stalker

Kim K: Floyd Mayweather Sr. sucker-puncher Charlie Zelenoff is my stalker

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has named boxing myth and Floyd Mayweather Sr. sucker puncher Charlie Zelenoff as her stalker in a bid to get a restraining order.

Kardashian, famed for her adult video with Ray J, has filed a complaint against Zelenoff over his obsession.


Charlie Z, who shared the ring with Mayweather Sr. a few years ago and blindsided him during a two-minute bout, has posted about Kim K many times.

On the back of his serious infatuation, Kardashian wants Zelenoff warned off as she’s afraid he may attempt to find out where she lives.


According to the Celebrity Showbiz website TMZ, the 40-year-old socialite labeled Charles Peter Zelenoff as her stalker in a court report.

Zelenoff has two previous charges for battery, says Kim’s lawyer Shawn Holley, who wants Zelenoff, 32, kept away from her.

Charlie Zelenoff


WBN has followed the career of Zelenoff as he attempts to keep himself notorious in the boxing world by social media claims combined with gym outbursts.

One of his most famous, World Boxing News, recalled in 2020 in the article entitled, “WHO THE F IS CHARLIE ZELENOFF? BLITZED BY DEONTAY WILDER AND FLOYD SR.”

Turning up to confront Deontay Wilder when training, Zelenoff was in danger at one point. “The Bronze Bomber” called him out for disrespectful trolling.

The heavyweight pasted Zelenoff for disrespecting his family, chasing him around the facility as he cowered away.

Wilder was well within his rights to give “Z-Money” a good smashing. He held back.

Charlie Zelenoff Deontay Wilder

But depending on what version you hear from Zelenoff and his followers, his record could be from 146-0 to 346-0.

And in his mind, he holds wins over Deontay Wilder and Floyd Mayweather Sr. [aged 61 at the time] in those video-captured events. This scenario is simply due to the delusional wannabe choosing to ignore the evidence to prolong his cult following.

Judging by the clips available widely on YouTube, Kim probably didn’t have anything to worry about going forward.