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Home » Floyd Mayweather CEO reignites ‘lying’ Oscar De La Hoya criticism

Floyd Mayweather CEO reignites ‘lying’ Oscar De La Hoya criticism

Floyd Mayweather CEO Leonard Ellerbe expressed his disappointment in Oscar De La Hoya as the feud between the pair reopened.

Despite Ellerbe’s lack of involvement in the career of Gervonta Davis these days, Mayweather’s right-hand man was irked by comments made by De La Hoya.

The Golden Boy boss got a Ryan Garcia fight over the line after Davis severed ties with Ellerbe. However, Ellerbe then took exception to De La Hoya discussing negotiations after a recent press tour.

De La Hoya insinuated that the Davis vs Garcia deal would never have happened if it weren’t for him.

Floyd Mayweather CEO fires at Oscar De La Hoya

Ellerbe said: “You lying piece of s***! – Who do you think sent the initial offer to Golden Boy? Who did Eric Gomez communicate with about the offer?

“It just goes to show you how clueless you are about what goes on in your own company.”

On De La Hoya wanting to keep confidential talks in the public eye, Ellerbe added: “I just chose not to put you on blast and embarrass you when you were running around talking wreckless. You were talking about you can’t get a hold of anyone. But me and Eric were already communicating. We don’t negotiate in public, unlike yourself!”

Before Ellerbe’s attack, De La Hoya had promised that Garcia would trounce Davis.

“My guy Ryan Garcia will not only shock the world but also make it look easy and begin his legacy. Let’s go!”

Mayweather’s former fighter Ishe Smith got involved in a spat involving Ellerbe on social media, which also involved De La Hoya.

He claimed De La Hoya made discussions for his clash with Mayweather in 2007 more difficult. Therefore, he couldn’t say much about how things went down between Tank and Kingry.

Mayweather vs De La Hoya

“Remember when Floyd Mayweather was the B side against De La Hoya and agreed to all his demands?

“This happens in boxing. It is what it is. You guys who run YouTube pages need to learn how this works and the game’s history before fake reporting on it. That seems like musty energy.”

He added on De La Hoya’s stipulations for the Pay Per View blockbuster: “Everyone knows late in his career Floyd had hand problems. Oscar picked the man’s gloves for him!

“Is that not considered a handicap? I have trained with Floyd Mayweather numerous times. He’s not 154lber, but that’s the weight Oscar wanted.

“Are those not handicaps in your mind? Stop it!”

De La Hoya, active on social media in spats, continually faces fire from fans, media, and fellow promoters.

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