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Home » Errol Spence Jr revives Benn feud after shock Nigel drug test blast

Errol Spence Jr revives Benn feud after shock Nigel drug test blast

Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. relit his feud with UK rival Conor Benn after the pair shared a previously eye-gauging exchange.

“The Truth” hit Benn hard as Benn attempted to clear his name following two failed drug tests in 2022.

After they went at it as Benn emerged on social media, Spence told Kell Brook to give “The Destroyer” a beatdown upon his return.

Brook returned to training earlier this month in preparation for “one more fight” and has been linked to facing Benn.

As Brook went through his paces, Benn entered the conversation by saying: “Last time we tried to make the fight, he chose retirement instead. It must have been that sparring session.”

“The Special One” didn’t take long to respond. He stated: “Who are you kidding? – You’re the one who cut the sparring short. Don’t flatter yourself.”

Benn replied: “Stop talking s***. You know the footage begs to differ!”

Again, back came Brook: “Put it [the footage] out then. Let’s see it, and don’t just put snippets on [so] we don’t [see] it all, babi!”

Errol Spence Jr. and Conor Benn exchange

Not one to mince his words around Benn, Spence fired straight in by telling Brook: “Kell beat that w****** a**!”

Spence’s gripes stem from a back-and-forth with Benn last month when the WBC, IBF, and WBA champion made a startling accusation.

The 33-year-old aired views about Conor’s dad Nigel missing a drug test for the ill-fated Gerald McClellan fight.

Accusations flew after Conor targeted Spence upon his return to social media following a WBC investigation into his adverse finding.

“Errol Spence, you been talking to the most,” said Benn. “Well, I am reinstated in the WBC. I’ll have you next!

“You worry about handling your drink-driving convictions,” added the Londoner about Spence’s car accident past.

Not allowing Benn’s blast, Spence responded: “Drinks [alcohol] and PEDs [are] two different things. The difference [between] me and you is I owned up to my s***. You a cheat just like your daddy.”

Benn answered: “Proven innocent. I’m not raising my hands to s*** I haven’t done! You’re convicted [there’s a] big difference.”

Nigel Benn references

On mentioning his father, Nigel, Conor added: “Is that the excuse you lot are making over there after my dad dealt with your world champions?”

Spence replied: “I might be in the UK soon. Tell your poppa [I’ll] come to have a half a pint with me. No hard feelings [for real]. His son [is] just a sucka.”

Elaborating on what he meant when asked about the Nigel Benn vs McClellan jibe, Spence said: “Fake a** passing out in the locker room to skip the drug test against G-Man [McClellan]. They should’ve waited on his a** to wake up.”

In a further punch to the guts for Benn, Spence made fun of the eggs excuse used by the WBC for Conor’s positive tests.

“My chickens are clean and organic. I don’t know why bro come [at] me this morning.”

Concluding the initial episode, Spence stated: “Fighters in the top five should have to do year-round drug testing [for] PEDs only, though.

“Make it mandatory to even get in the top five. And at least the top ten test random per year with a once-a-year hair test [a reference to Benn’s beard transplant].

“If you call me out, that’s what you suppose to do. I respect it. It lets me know that you’re hungry. But talking about some more s*** when you live in a glass house.”

Gerald McClellan, 55, remains affected for life following the injuries suffered in Millwall, London, after being stopped in ten rounds by Nigel Benn in 1995.

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