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Adrien Broner gives up clubbing, drinking, and his fight contract

Adrien Broner says he’s back on the straight and narrow, so there’s no reason why he can’t fight as soon as possible. There’s only one problem.

BLK Prime cannot deliver on the deal, according to Broner. The situation arises following three opponents falling out of Broner’s arranged Pay Per View for February 25.

Firstly, Ivan Redkach was out, then replacement Hank Lundy. Finally, Michael Williams Jr. suffered an injury. The fact Broner was ready and fit to fight without another stand-in could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

However, the former four-weight world champion has only fought once in four years and had committed to fighting four times in one year with BLK.

The final ending to the contract was seemingly amicable between both sides.

Adrien Broner needs a new promoter

Updating his fans, Broner said: “Good afternoon, yall. It’s a great Sunday.

“I’m just going to come out and let everybody know. Me and BLK Prime have decided to part ways,” he confirmed.

Broner continued: “There is no bad blood. They couldn’t deliver everything I needed at this point in my career.”

On his current status, the Cincinnati man clarified that he’s accepting offers from other companies moving forward.

“Right now, I am in tip-top shape. I got myself in shape. I dropped all of my vices. ” I’m not clubbing or drinking,” he stated.

“I’m ready to fight, so hit me up, man. Hit me up. AB is a free agent, man. Let’s do this.

“As I said, I am ready to fight today. Anybody, anybody, can get it. The can man is back.”

Widely regarded in the mid-2010s as one of the most talented fighters of his generation, Broner has overcome mental health issues that have plagued him in recent years.

He aims to return to the ring with renewed focus and determination. Broner needs the chance to prove it.

Whether Al Haymon would give the faded Broner, a second chance is up for debate. Or maybe Floyd Mayweather could step in?

Broner could have one interested party

But there is one man who would probably take Broner in a heartbeat.

Step forward, Eddie Hearn at DAZN. Currently lacking an array of star names and opponents for the soon-to-be-returning Conor Benn, the Matchroom boss would almost certainly have an offer in place should Broner be willing to discuss terms.

That seems to be the only avenue for Broner to go down. Golden Boy could be another, but Top Rank would probably hold no interest until they saw Broner in action.

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