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‘Big’ George Foreman hunted 81 knockouts in his 81 fights

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Heavyweight legend George Foreman had bad intentions his entire career as the oldest champion went hell for leather.

Foreman admitted he never tried to go the distance once in his career after participating in 81 professional bouts.

The two-time world ruler, who enjoyed two separate runs in the sport, was known for his shuddering and concussive power.

Foreman addressed his intentions in the ring in an interview with Jenna Jay for OTR and said he always wanted an early ending – no matter what.

Heavyweight punching record

“It’s funny because I get into a boxing ring. Every time, every round, I’d try to knock guys out,” Foreman told On The Ropes Radio. “If a guy would escape me for twelve rounds, he deserved it in the first place.

“I never went out to win a decision, never. Some guys go out and figure they will go twelve rounds with George, and that’s their victory.

“But I would always pursue a knockout. That’s all I was after.”

He continued: “If I go twelve rounds and they gave it to the other guy, I never complained. That’s not what I was trying to do, get a decision. I was trying to knock them out. So I’m comfortable with that.

“I didn’t get the victory, but I went home. They asked me after the fight, and they said, ‘George, you were robbed!’ I said where I came from in Houston, Texas, you don’t scream you were robbed when you still got $4 or $5 in your pocket.”

George Foreman earnings

Foreman added on the money he earned during his career: “Boxing was about, and I’ll never forget, getting that the title was the part to prove my integrity.

“But I really came back for the million dollars. I ended up with a million and won more. I don’t have anything now because I have got ten kids. They have gone to college.

“You think you’re rich? You educate ten kids. Man, that’s a parking meter. You look up, and they’ll say, ‘Look, Dad, I got a degree!’ and you look and say, ‘I got a barrel wrapped around me, and all my clothes are gone.'”

Only 12 bouts went the distance when Foreman was involved. He was also only halted once himself – against the great Muhammad Ali.

The ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ will forever be one of the most memorable nights in boxing – although it’s a painful one for ‘Big George.’

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