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Home » Heavyweight with 25 KO1’s ‘missed boat’ on ‘clown show boxing’

Heavyweight with 25 KO1’s ‘missed boat’ on ‘clown show boxing’

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A former heavyweight boxer turned social media commentator believes he ‘missed the boat’ after retiring from the sport in 2015.

David Rodriguez, who retired at 37-2 despite never really stepping up in class, has since amassed a strong following for his controversial views.

The man whose toughest career test came against Raymond Ochieng [KO’d by Amir Mansour and Billy Wright in one round], in which he was stopped in 87 seconds, says he would have loved to be part of boxing today.

Rodriguez, who went viral in 2020 after being accused of being on drugs in an online video rant, didn’t hold back on the 2023 version.

Heavyweight view on boxing today

“Boxing is a clown show today. It’s a circus,” said Rodriguez. “I would have loved to be part of it!

“When I was boxing, you needed to actually beat legit guys to get a title shot or any recognition. Nowadays, you need a social media following.

“The sport has changed. I missed the boat.”

Previously having to explain himself when fans stated he was ‘on something’ when discussing controversial topics on YouTube, Rodriguez defended himself.

He stated that “twenty years of getting consistently punched in the face by heavyweights” had caused “the sniffling and snorting” pointed out by viewers.

Rodriguez added: “You all should really be more impressed that I am still able to formulate a sentence.”

Tackling demons

Continuing a sobriety fight lasting over three years and taking each day as it comes, Rodriguez is enjoying life without demons and becoming an internet sensation.

“There is something I learned being sober. I want to share with you about quitting a vice you may have.

“You must make peace with your demons. You don’t need to slay them. Acknowledge their being there and forgive them. Once you’re at peace in your soul, you can quit,” he advised.

In addition, he regularly comments on current news affairs and starts close-to-the-bone conversations. It’s helped him gain over 85,000 followers on Twitter alone.

Rodriguez went an eye-gouging 36-0 before losing for the first time in 2013. However, he was accredited with one of the most padded records of his generation.

Scoring 25 first-round knockouts did get him notoriety similar to what he holds today.

It’s not all his fault, though, as Rodriguez fought in a time when if you weren’t undefeated, you didn’t get noticed. Times haven’t changed much in the eight years since.

Carving out a career commenting on politics and social matters, Rodriguez won’t be the last boxer to take that plunge.

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