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Home » Conor Benn: A bizarre shortlist followed by unmerciful annihilation

Conor Benn: A bizarre shortlist followed by unmerciful annihilation

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Conor Benn faced a brutal backlash after Eddie Hearn revealed a bizarre shortlist of comeback opponents before Chris Eubank Jr. put the icing on the cake.

Promoter Hearn spoke to The DAZN Boxing Show as he continues to convince UK fans that Benn will fight soon.

The Matchroom boss even went as far as naming a strange foursome of foes he was instructed to get by Benn himself.

Hearn also gave an update on the investigations by the World Boxing Council and doping agency over two failed drug tests.

Conor Benn shortlist

“If we don’t get a decision soon [from the WBC], we’re going to make a move [and announce a fight],” insisted Hearn.

“Make no mistake, Conor can fight now [he’s not suspended]. But we want a ruling. He’s allowed to fight now but doesn’t want to fight until his truth comes out.”

On who the son of Nigel wants to face next, the Essex man added: “Conor has made it clear to me. He wants to go straight back into a big fight.

“I would prefer him to have a run-out. But he’s made it clear, ‘I want Chris Eubank Jr, I want Gervonta Davis, I want Kell Brook, I want Manny Pacquiao.'”

The reaction from fans was swift and brutal. Many responses said precisely the same thing.

“I [Conor Benn] want a guy two divisions below me. Two guys who are retired and a guy who I weight-drained to the point of emaciation and lied about my drug tests to,” said one.

Another added: “A middleweight, a lightweight, a retired welterweight, and a retired fighter who has to kill himself to make 147. Sounds about right.”

A third stated: “Two retired fighters and two that don’t fight at his weight.”

Bizarre opponent targets

Former British champion Curtis Woodhouse joined with almost an identical view.

He said: “So he’s looking for two fighters that are retired. One that’s two weight divisions above him and one that’s two weight divisions below him. Outstanding.”

Not long after Hearn’s words, Benn returned with a selfie for the first time since the situation blew up.

The Londoner again protested his innocence and thanked ‘the science’ for clearing him without providing any evidence.


Eubank Jr. put the nail in the coffin of a few seriously questionable moves by responding with a blow that resonated all over social media.

“I’m pretty sure it was ‘science’ that detected the illegal substances in your system on two separate occasions, Conor,” pointed out Eubank Jr.

“So yes, absolutely thank god for science. Otherwise, I would have been fighting the hulk a few months ago!”

Game over.

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