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Home » Oscar De La Hoya trolled for ‘ab implants’ in wrong PPV date error

Oscar De La Hoya trolled for ‘ab implants’ in wrong PPV date error

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Oscar De La Hoya has been under the knife for abdominal implants, according to some witnessing a video of the promoter over the weekend.

De La Hoya addressed his followers in an open shirt ahead of a vast spring battle between two of the world’s best lightweights.

However, De La Hoya made a big mistake when announcing the Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Pay Per View date on Saturday night.

After witnessing Davis take care of Hector Garcia to set up the long-awaited clash with “King Ry,” De La Hoya couldn’t contain his excitement.

Oscar De La Hoya

The Golden Boy boss took to social media to declare the PPV blockbuster on for the spring. The only slight problem was Oscar confirmed the wrong date, not once but twice.

“Hey, what’s up, guys? – I’m watching an absolutely stacked card [Davis vs Hector Garcia] on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

“Congratulations. April 17 [Monday night]. Good luck versus Ryan Garcia. April 17, we are waiting for you.”

It wasn’t all bad for Oscar, as many took his word to mean April 15, a much more effective date for the Las Vegas clash.

“Maybe it is us, but April 17 is on a Monday. Is this Monday Night PPV boxing? Going to deduce it is April 15,” said one.

Another added: “April 15. April 17 is a Monday. But Ryan was scared of his tune-up fight. Tank’s Glock does not have any safety.”

The notion of the fight wouldn’t entertain a third until the contract was inked.

“None of this means anything until Ryan Garcia actually signs the contract. Nothing to see here. Just more woof tickets and no signature. Move on!”

Ab implants

After all the criticism over the fight date goof, others turned to De La Hoya’s appearance. They believe the eleven-time world champion did not gain his physique through working out in the gym.

“This is going to be Oscar all the time now. He’s going to be like, “hey, look at my new watch,” to show off his surgically enhanced abs.”

Another stated: “Put a shirt on to cover your ab implants, Oscar.”

However, De La Hoya had been in training for a return to the ring last fall. That could explain his chiseled body despite suffering a horrible bout of Covid around that time.

Naturally ripped anyway, De La Hoya had always been in tremendous shape, even as he approached his 50th birthday.

The fight date is another story. Davis vs Garcia on April 15 is not yet confirmed. It could be the end of the month before solid confirmation comes from Al Haymon and Golden Boy.

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