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Home » Did Chris Eubank Jr say Canelo Alvarez is not on his level?

Did Chris Eubank Jr say Canelo Alvarez is not on his level?

Chris Eubank Jr. believes opponent Liam Smith is merely a competent fighter despite the Liverpool man winning a world title and going nine rounds with Canelo Alvarez.

The Brighton star heads into the ring hoping to put the disappointment of his Conor Benn fiasco behind him. Losing out on a massive Pay Per View payday due to Benn’s positive drug tests left a sting felt all over UK boxing.

Sky Sports and Boxxer have teamed up to bring another exciting fight to the fans, with Eubank ready to prove he’s got the beating of Smith.

Did Chris Eubank Jr. forget Canelo?

However, in revealing his thoughts on “Beefy,” Eubank may have forgotten the fact Smith has fought against one of the world’s top fighters.

“Has he been in there with some good fighters? Yes. Are they on my level? No,” Eubank said despite Smith battling Canelo in 2016.

“He’s a competent fighter. But class beats competence every day of the week.”

Either doubling down on Canelo or simply failing to recall the Mexican superstar shared a ring with Smith, Eubank added: “It’s a good opportunity for me to show I’m twice the fighter that he is as well as those he has faced.”

On fighting in the North West of England close to Smith’s hometown, Eubank concluded: “Manchester is an iconic sporting city.

“It has hosted many legendary fight nights. Many memorable fighters have been born there.

“It’ll be a great performance. The Eubank name will hopefully become a regular feature whenever the boxing history of Manchester is discussed.”

Kalle Sauerland

Wasserman’s Head of Global Boxing, Kalle Sauerland, is excited to present the event alongside BOXXER.

“Eubank vs Smith is a fight that has been talked about for a very long time,” said the promoter.

“It’s an absolute banger of a boxing bonanza to kick off a massive year for the undisputed superstar of the middleweights Chris Eubank Jr.

“It will be a year in which we expect him to take over the division.”

Sauerland concluded: “The journey begins in the fantastic fight city of Manchester.

“A city which has been host to so many historic British blockbusters. We will witness the next one on January 21 live on Sky Box Office.”

Whether Eubank forgot about Canelo or believes he’s superior to the future Hall of Famer, only the son of a legend can tell you that.

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