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The fake Mike Tyson tweet weaponized by a social media troll

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WBN looks back to when former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was a victim of a faked tweet used to stir racial tensions in America.

A shocking post was released during the current unrest in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder. It claimed to be from the Twitter account of the former undisputed heavyweight champion.

However, it was faked to drive a further wedge between the United States at that time.

Rumors had been circulating social media that Tyson tweeted and then deleted as a comment on the tensions. WBN revealed that was not true at the time.

The words did not come from Mike Tyson and were doctored to look as though they came from his account.

Mike Tyson ‘faked’ tweet

Quite inciteful in their content, the words read: “If white people rioted every time a black man killed them, we’d never have any peace.”

This is not something that would ever come from Iron Mike. It was a deliberate attempt to polarize the situation.

Tyson was training for a comeback to boxing after announcing his decision to return after a fifteen-year absence. He eventually fought Roy Jones Jr. later that year.

But during the troubled days following the Floyd incident, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ had not posted anything on his Twitter account.

WBN checked from May 24 through to June 1. The post was used to weaponize Mike Tyson in the fight on both sides.

Tyson did react to a guilty verdict laid down on police officer Derek Chauvin in April 2021 when he stated “justice” was “served” over the tragedy.

The now semi-retired exhibition fighter turned podcast host, and Hangover actor is the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight title in history. His WBA and WBC championship knockout win over Michael Spinks is still discussed today.

However, his two battles with Evander Holyfield receive mentions for different reasons.

Other names on the C.V. of Tyson include Buster Douglas, Trevor Berbick, Tony Tucker, and Larry Holmes.

Floyd Mayweather

Fellow boxer Floyd Mayweather ended up paying for the funeral of Floyd to help out the family. His uncle Jeff praised the move.

“I’d like to applaud my nephew for stepping up for the George Floyd family,” said boxing trainer Jeff.

“But people are surprised when Floyd has done this many times. It’s usually other boxers and plenty of them. He’s offered to pay for the funerals of many families. He does it because he has a good heart and not for the publicity.

“If he did it for the publicity, people would already know how many times he’s stepped up during times like this. People are too busy trying to judge him for his lifestyle, but he earned it.

“Every time you step in the ring, your life is on the line, and no one has taken one punch for him, which means he should be able to spend his money how he wants.

“l never speak much about my nephew, but with so many calls and messages I’ve received, I decided to let people know Floyd’s life may be flamboyant, but he does a heart and has done many other things similar to this genuine kind act.

“But he’s not doing to be praised obviously, has a heart and the finances to cover the expenses.

“I’m proud of him for stepping up in this situation, but by far, it wasn’t his first time, and I’m sure it won’t be his last.”

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