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Floyd Mayweather makes an important point on current racial tensions

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Floyd Mayweather aired his views on the current racial tensions, and the Black Lives Matter movement as the situation continues to be delicate around the world.

The 43-year-old former pound-for-pound king was asked why he thinks he doesn’t get a lot of credit himself, even from the African American community, in a recent interview.

Speaking to Club Shay Shay, Mayweather gave what turned out to be an important point on how both sides could move forward.

He said: “I speak my mind. It’s not like the NFL. It’s not like the NBA, where players can’t really say what they want to say or do what they want to do because they will get cut.

“But no one can tell me you got to go. Floyd Mayweather is still the face of boxing without even competing.

“There is so much crazy stuff going on like the George Floyd situation and Breana Taylor.

“Breana Taylor was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, like me. I know Breana Taylor’s Father. He is in prison right now.

“We see the athletes in sports Kneeling, and we see Black Lives Matter. This is what I want to say. We need to have different policies come in with these police officers.

“If it’s something that’s not done right, you guys get the death penalty or life without parole.

“But if that happens, then we are going to get some different results. If these guys continue to get a slap on the wrists, this will continue to happen.

“I don’t want the NBA or the NFL just kneeling. We need to do something, and those officers that did that to George Floyd deserve Life without Parole.

“But guess what they won’t get nothing but a slap on the wrists and they will be back home with their family. It’s Rough we have to work together and stop being Jealous of one another.”


He continued: “We don’t call Europeans that came over European Americans, so don’t call us African Americans.

“When I was competing in the Olympics, I was an American, but when I do something they don’t like, or they want to separate me, I am an African American.

“It’s ok if you say I am a Black American, but I am not an African American. Most Black Americans don’t know anything about Africa.

“We all got different views. That’s just how I view things,” concluded the boxing legend.