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Tyson Fury saved stand-up death with Audley Harrison joke

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World Boxing News has unearthed a clip of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury telling jokes on national UK television.

Before he hit the big time, Fury did his bit for Sport Relief back in 2012 when trying his hand at stand-up comedy.

In the video clip initially broadcast by the BBC, Fury and friends and family are seen being paid a visit by comic Dan Sloss.

Sloss attempted to help Fury prepare for his big performance, which by memory, seemed to go down quite well on the night.

WBN thought actual footage of the routine had dropped off the face of the earth. However, it was rediscovered this week.

The initially posted full-length version of Fury’s gags was readily available but discontinued.

BBC Three has also removed the episode from its archives.

Tyson Fury’s stand-up comedy

However, WBN found the clip after initially sharing it as Fury was training for the fight of his life against Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles four years ago.

On working with Fury, the team of comedian Sloss said: “Daniel was honored to be part of the incredible work of Sports Relief and to work with the legendary Tyson Fury.”

Upon seeing the video after many years, Sloss stated: “Seven years ago, I taught Tyson Fury how to do stand-up comedy for charity.

“I thought the footage was gone. I hoped. Not because of his stand-up. Because of how I look. Shocking.”

Reaction to Fury’s efforts was largely positive as he raised money for a good cause. However, the live crowd took some convincing.

He began: “Hello everybody, I’m Tyson Fury, and I know what you’re thinking, ‘yes, he’s gorgeous.”

“Some people say I’m like Brad Pitt but a better-looking version. The six-foot-nine version, you know.”

Radio silence followed as Fury added: “There’s a guy in the front with a haircut like a pair of curtains!”

Audley Harrison joke

Getting the audience back, Fury turned to pick on a fellow boxer, Audley Harrison.

“I heard they asked Audley Harrison to come on the show tonight, but he refused. He said, ‘me stand up for three minutes? You must be joking!'”

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