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Home » Juan Estrada beats Roman Gonzalez in close trilogy encounter

Juan Estrada beats Roman Gonzalez in close trilogy encounter

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Juan Estrada won a legendary trilogy against Roman Gonzalez, taking a twelve-round majority decision in an excellent clash for the vacant WBC super flyweight title.

The event occurred on Saturday night at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

In the first two rounds, it was all Estrada, with minor offense from Gonzalez, who is known to be a slow starter.

But in the third round, Gonzalez finally opened up, dominating the first two minutes, then Estrada started countering him well in the final minute.

In the fourth, Gonzalez dominated, punishing Estrada in the final seconds with a right on the chin.

Estrada vs Gonzalez III

In the eighth, Estrada countered very well with uppercuts. He had Gonzalez chasing and getting hit.

It went back and forth in the ninth round, with Gonzalez edging it out.

In the tenth and eleventh rounds Estrada out-landed Gonzalez, who kept chasing him around the ring.

In the twelfth and final rounds, Estrada did enough to take the round and the fight. The Referee was Chris Flores.

Estrada vs Gonzalez scores were 114-114, 116-112, and 115-113.

JC Martinez retains

WBC Flyweight champion Julio Cesar “El Rey” Martinez (19-2, 14 kos) retained his title with a majority decision over elusive Olympian Samuel “Gypsy” Carmona (8-1, 4 kos), from Spain over 12 rounds.

In the first two rounds, Martinez was landing combinations against a solid jab of Carmona. His opponent also landed one overhand right in the second.

In the third round, Martinez rocked Carmona in the final seconds with a combination to the chin. Carmona got on his bike!

In the fourth round, Carmona moved around the ring laterally, but Martinez would catch up to him with a two-fisted attack.

But In the sixth through the eighth rounds, Martinez continued having a problem cutting off the ring but still lands more than Carmona, who rarely uses his right, preferring flight.

In the ninth, the fans showed their vocal disapproval and displeasure of Carmona, running around the ring and landing a few punches. Unpopular milling on the retreat.

In the tenth and eleventh rounds, Martinez had an edge when Carmona finally and briefly stood before him, momentarily abandoning a running race.

It was close in the twelfth and final round, but Carmona seemed to take it. The Referee was Wes Melton. The judges’ scores were 114-114, 117-111, and 116-112.