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Stats reveal how Dillian Whyte got decision over Jermaine Franklin

Statistics released by CompuBox revealed how Dillian Whyte got the decision over Jermaine Franklin in a drab London affair.

Franklin looked to have done enough to get the nod over Whyte during the twelve-round fight, which the punch totals give the perfect excuse.

However, Whyte’s power punches hit the target more than Franklin – the only way the Briton could have any victory claims.

Dillian Whyte vs Jermaine Franklin CompuBox stats

CompuBox said: “Jermaine Franklin landed 23 more body punches than the “Body Snatcher.”

“Franklin also landed 27 more jabs than Dillian Whyte. Whyte landed six more power punches than Franklin.

“In a fight where five or more punches separated both combatants landed in only three rounds, the judges seemed to tilt the fight to Whyte because he landed the more eye-catching power punches.”

Letting out his frustration on social media, Franklin had none of the majority scores in favor of Whyte.

“I was f***ing robbed! Total bull**** decision” said the American.

World Boxing News happens to agree that Franklin was robbed. But when you travel to the United Kingdom, any opponent knows you have to make it clear.

Despite winning the fight, Franklin gave the judges all the chance they needed to provide the verdict to the home fighter.

Reaction to the result

Reaction from fans didn’t look good for Whyte, who is hoping to fight Anthony Joshua in a rematch next. Judging by his performance, Whyte is levels below even Joshua at this moment in time.

“A lot of us Brits thought so too,” said one in reaction to Franklin’s disappointment.

Another added: “Respect to you on the performance. You’ll get more opportunities from this fight.”

A third stated: “You did well tonight, and your stock rises. Respect to you.”

Others blamed Franklin for agreeing to fight in the UK in the first place.

“Did you think it would be any different on a Matchroom show against a Matchroom fighter in the UK?”

No robbery

While another didn’t agree with the robbery angle.

“It was a close fight. It could’ve gone either way. I’d fully understand if you felt a bit hard done by, but it wasn’t anywhere near a robbery.”

Franklin can come again. But whether he’ll ever fight in the UK again is debatable.

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