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Deontay Wilder vs Charlie Zelenoff – Mike Tyson loves it

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Mike Tyson is all of us when it comes to the anomaly that is the ridiculous Deontay Wilder vs Charlie Zelenoff beatdown.

Tyson gave a comic reaction to the infamous Wilder gym incident with boxing’s most celebrated myth Charlie Z.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion virally discussed Wilder’s battering of the fighting wannabe and “Kim Kardashian’s stalker.”

Mike talked about watching the YouTube clip in an episode of his podcast. It featured Wilder’s rival and ex-world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr.

Tyson gave a hilarious blow-by-blow account.

Deontay Wilder vs Charlie Zelenoff

It’s a subject WBN has covered on many occasions in the past. Zelenoff took a beating from a younger Wilder for trolling “The Bronze Bomber” a few years ago.

Zelenoff made the massive mistake of mentioning Wilder’s family online.

Finally getting him in the gym and laced up, the five-year reigning WBC ruler battered “Charlie Z” from pillar to post. It was intense viewing.

Tyson wanted fellow host Henry Cejudo and Ruiz to witness the video available online after UK media purchased the clip from someone filming it in the gym.

Claiming he’d be in prison for that, Tyson labeled Zelenoff a YouTuber and a TikToker, even though he’s neither.

Zelenoff, who calls himself the Great Boxing of All Time and claims to have never lost despite plenty of footage to the contrary, is more famous these days for his previous links to Kim K.

The Kardashian family member famous herself for an X-Rated video with Ray J, called Zelenoff her “stalker.”

She sent a written legal bid to block him from coming anywhere near her.

In several videos posted online, Zelenoff professed his undying love for Kim. This worrying trend had led the former wife of Kayne West to seek an injunction.

It’s the latest infamous claim to fame for Zelenoff.

Mike Tyson

As for Tyson, it’s rumored “The Baddest Man on the Planet” last fought in an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr.

A part-time actor and podcaster, Tyson remains unsure whether he should don gloves once more for another money spinner.

Regarding Wilder, the American is waiting for confirmation for a clash with Andy Ruiz Jr.

Tyson correctly predicted that “The Gypsy King” had his number in the trilogy before Wilder returned in September with a win.

Wilder has since been ratified for a WBC heavyweight title final eliminator with Ruiz. The fight is expected to happen on Pay Per View in the coming months.

Zelenoff, the final piece of the trio, still desperately tries to stay relevant on unverified social media accounts.

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