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Home » Floyd Mayweather Cameo videos down to $60 after starting at $999

Floyd Mayweather Cameo videos down to $60 after starting at $999

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will sell you a business video message for a cool $10,000 if you have the cash to afford it.

The five-weight world champion remains a regular on Cameo, asking for one of the most considerable sums on the platform for a clip.

According to Cameo, Mayweather has a rating of almost five out of five in his reviews. However, he averages in video size of just 17 seconds.

Floyd Mayweather on Cameo

For those, Floyd asks for $60 for the privilege. You’d expect considerably more for your bucks if you paid the $10,000 for a business video.

Mayweather began the new venture in 2020 to drive in even more cash. The former pound-for-pound king also continues with his retirement promise to fight in exhibitions and perform boxing heists, as he calls them.

The 45-year-old has teased a comeback for five years. But judging by his next move, “Money” is quite content to find new revenue streams and fight on RIZIN or Dubai cards.

Mayweather joined a long list of celebrities to sign up for Cameo, a video messaging service for fans. Since its inception, it’s not unknown for even lesser celebs to make a million dollars in a few years of messaging.

At this point, it’s not apparent how many videos Floyd has done, as he has received only 18 reviews.

But those who wish to receive a personal clip from Mayweather, or anyone else, can fork out some cash for the privilege.

Down from $999 per message

He launched his cameo at $999 per message in true Mayweather style. The fact that it’s dropped $939 means his business cannot be booming.

When he started the venture, Mayweather said: “I want to be the first celebrity to make a million dollars on Cameo.”

He added: “I’m looking into taking over the tech game! I teamed up with Cameo to go undefeated.

“To bring you both fan shoutouts and commercialized business shoutouts. We will give you what you need to take things to the next level.

“Random orders this week will receive signed boxing gloves!”

For what Mayweather calls “shoutouts,” it seems to be “easy money all day” for the Las Vegas-based boxing legend.


Concluding by urging his fans to put in some orders, Mayweather said: “You know who this is? Money Mayweather. You can have me customize messages.

“I’m the most expensive celebrity on Cameo. There’s only one thing left to do. You know what to do.”

During his career, Mayweather made almost one billion dollars. Half of which he made in one night.

But judging by the massive drop, the Cameo revenue won’t be making a dent in the exhibition check-takings for the time being.

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