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Adrien Broner puts his foot in it again despite Al Haymon apology

Adrien Broner seemingly wanted to apologize for an outburst at Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza. However, he didn’t.

Broner negated the whole effort to build a bridge at the end of a pride-swallowing statement.

Adrien Broner

Earlier in the week, Broner took part in a press conference staged on Zoom. Seconds into the interview with Brian Custer, it all went wrong.

Broner said: “I’m going to be one hundred percent honest with you, Brian. I am not with none of this they’ve got going on.

“I feel like Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza are bull [expletive] because why are we doing a press conference on the computer?

“When you got guys like – they don’t do Floyd’s [Mayweather] [stuff] on no computer, even when he fights a YouTuber.


“They don’t do anybody else’s on the computer. But they want to do my [stuff] on a computer. So, that’s telling me they don’t give an [expletive] about me.

“And at the end of the day, that’s what I really just came here to let you all know.

“I see it. Anybody can see it. At this point, you all are bull. You all have been supposed to make this fight.

“You all are giving us dates. But you keep pushing our dates back.

“Come on, man, who does a six-month camp? You all are tripping. So what I’m going to do, you know, Brian, I’m going to talk to you at eleven [o’clock] on Thursday.”

Just 80 seconds in, Broner concluded: “Let’s go in there and put on a great performance. But I’m going to get on up out of here and go back to sleep.

“Hey Brian, I’ll see you on Thursday, alright?”

Al Haymon apology

A short time later, it came to the Instagram grovel. Broner did everything right until the last sentence.

“Listen, man, I was just frustrated with a lot that’s going on in my life. Me and Showtime Boxing, Al Haymon, have no problem whatsoever.

“Players [are] stand up men can own up to a mistake. [Showtime] and Al Haymon, we locked in for life. I love you all. See you in some weeks. Let’s go.

“P.S. I meant everything I said. That press conference on a zoom blew me like a woman in the MGM trying to get picked up for $250.”

It all went so well until the end.

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