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Conor McGregor is heavy-set, almost unrecognizable in video shout

In a recent shout-out video online, one-fight boxer and former UFC “champ-champ” Conor McGregor looked decidedly removed from his usual form.

The Irishman appeared heavy-set, and a lighter shade of auburn than usual as comments came thick and fast on the clip.

Reasons for the look in which someone labeled McGregor ‘an aged heavyweight’ we given from the ‘lighting’ to ‘photoshop’ as McGregor went through a fan request.

McGregor is currently training for a comeback, yet to get officially announced, but he has knowingly added weight.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop some commenters from airing their views on Conor McGregor’s new look.


“Lighting got Conor looking like a grandfather and he buddy from the Vietnam war,” said one.

Another added that McGregor was class for giving up his time for the request.

‘The Notorious’ always has time for those involved in life or death battles outside the ring.

“Aw, that’s so lovely and thoughtful of Conor McGregor to make this video for you. So sweet, a beautiful video.

“Love to see positive reviews on Twitter like this makes me happy.”

Conor McGregor 2022


McGregor should be back in action by the end of the year, searching for his first meaningful win in a while.

McGregor remains at number four on the all-time Pay Per View home sales list despite his recent failings. This scenario comes about primarily due to his cross-code battle with Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

Mayweather won easily over ten rounds at the MGM Grand. A subsequent rematch in the octagon never happened despite a massive amount of money.

Breaking the twenty million barriers is a possibility for McGregor before he retires.


Exclusively Home Sales

Floyd Mayweather Jr. 28,867,000

Manny Pacquiao 22,041,000

Mike Tyson 19,780,000

Conor McGregor 18,400,000

Oscar De La Hoya 14,090,000

Anthony Joshua 13,441,000

Evander Holyfield 12,600,000

George Foreman 2,000,000

Muhammad Ali 790,000

Joe Frazier 500,000

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