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Home » Teenage Floyd Mayweather opponent likened to viral boxer Uzzy Ahmed

Teenage Floyd Mayweather opponent likened to viral boxer Uzzy Ahmed

In an exhibition, the opponent lined up to fight 44-year-old boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has hilariously been getting compared to an internet sensation.

YouTuber ‘Money Kicks’ – real name Rashed Belhasa – is on the cusp of securing what is sure to be a money-spinning event in his home city of Dubai.

But as Belhasa pushes towards another Mayweather circus, the 19-year-old labeled ‘Dubai’s Richest Teenager’ is currently getting likened to UK dancing boxer Uzzy Ahmed online.

Ahmed was famous for making eye-catching ring entrances that belied his boxing ability. In one video, Ahmed’s walk-in from a fight against Chris Edwards preceded a first-round knockout by Ashley Sexton.

The 2010 beating, in which Ahmed got wiped out early, went viral when put together by a fan.


Comparisons between Belhasa and Ahmed indicate that some supporters are not happy with the match-up. Some even branded Belhasa ‘too skinny’ to fight Floyd.

Mayweather cashing in yet again when already earning a billion dollars inside the ring is seemingly becoming tiresome for many real boxing fans.

Using non-boxing followers to secure Pay Per View buys has taken the shine off proper events time and again over the past five years.

Ironically, Mayweather takes the majority of the blame for starting the craze in 2017 when battling Conor McGregor.

The vast gulf in any pugilistic class got glazed over by a pre-fight press tour. The smokescreen managed to help Mayweather and McGregor make vast sums of money.

But anyone with any boxing nouse knew that McGregor had slim to no chance of landing any punches near the chin of Mayweather. Certainly none significant enough to end the fight.

And so, it proved to be the case. Mayweather won at a canter.

Floyd Mayweather at Davis vs Barrios

Sean Michael Ham


This time around against Belhasa, it’s sure to be an even worse spectacle than the one Floyd Mayweather and a YouTuber put on last year.

It wasn’t worth the money. However, fans of YouTubers and such don’t seem to care about forking out for a substandard product.

As the vast majority aren’t boxing fans in the first place, watching a car park fight doesn’t seem to bother them. They gladly pay fifty or a hundred bucks for a circus show.

Roll on February 20th, eh?

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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