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Boxing’s four sanctioning bodies to unify for the good of the sport

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The four major boxing organizations met up just days after World Boxing News reinstated the World Boxing Association.

Figureheads from the WBC, WBO, and IBF met with the WBA to discuss how the sport could move forward in a more unified direction.

In one of the most controversial years for the WBA, WBN decided not to recognize the organization. The situation lasted nine months until the WBA agreed to reform and significantly reduce their titles.

Previously having 55 champions, they are now down to 28 and have already begun having one per division.

The WBO and IBF are already there in terms of their championships. However, the WBC still has three Franchise title holders, including an argument at lightweight over who is the real champion between Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney.

WBA chiefs continue to work on their faults and now have the other bodies to lean on.


After meeting up this week, the WBC released a statement on what they discussed.

“The President of the WBO, Francisco Valcarcel, the IBF Daryl Peoples, the WBA, Gilberto Mendoza Jr., and the WBC, Mauricio Sulaimán, celebrated a meeting in Puerto Rico.

“The meeting was very productive. They discussed a possible future agreement in search of a standardized process for the unification of world titles.

“The boxing leaders identified several areas in which they agree. Others in which they will continue to work diligently for the benefit of the sport.

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“As independent sanctioning bodies, each will still have its autonomy, but together, they will continue to work on the same path to grow and strengthen the positive image of boxing around the world.

“Furthermore, the unified objective of the four organizations is to have a fair, safer, stronger, and healthier sport,” they said.

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