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Anthony Joshua re-lives ‘bad intentions’ for Dillian Whyte battle

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Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua had discussed the bad blood between himself and compatriot Dillian Whyte before they fought in 2015.

Involved in the fight big Pay Per View event of his career, Joshua was able to take out Whyte after years of animosity involving the pair.

The victory gave AJ the platform to kick on and eventually become a unified world ruler two times over.

DAZN has released a new documentary to commemorate the win.

In the first part of WBN’s coverage, Joshua talked about the grudge’s beginnings and the early stages of the O2 Arena fight.

“You’ve got Dillian representing the island of Jamaica, and you’ve got me representing the continent of Africa,” pointed out Joshua.

“Your South London versus North London. You’ve got two British born heavyweights. There was a lot in the mix.

“It was just bad intentions for years. And then finally, we got to face off, and square off in the square circle.”

On the first few minutes of the clash, Joshua added: “I didn’t have much experience at the time, so I had no plans.

“I didn’t have years of experience behind me. I wanted to go in there, and I wanted to box, have a look.

“But I was shouting at him, like, “Come on, let’s fight, why are you running? Come on!

“I’m just telling him, “Come on! You said you wanted to war! Let’s go for it.


“This is about the lions of the jungle, but obviously, I don’t know about punch selection here. This is where I’m fighting with pure emotion.

“Your heart rate is now in the red zone in round one, which it should be like in round seven. It’s a twelve round fight, but I went at it from round one.

“But at the same time, look, if I was looking from the outside as a spectator, that’s the type of fight I want to see.

“So I’m glad I got to give people who were watching that night an insight into what the heavyweight division was about to be like.”

Anthony Joshua talked to DAZN for its latest original production, The Making Of Anthony Joshua. The first episode is now available on DAZN.

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