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Home » Mike Tyson coach suffered ‘life flash’ from terrifying training blow

Mike Tyson coach suffered ‘life flash’ from terrifying training blow

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Mike Tyson trainer Rafael Cordero has described the first moment the former undisputed heavyweight champion landed on him during a session.

Videos have been in high supply since Tyson began training for an exhibition comeback against Roy Jones Jr.

Several clips of Cordero being hit or missed by a whisker are frequently in the headlines.

The man himself says it was a pretty scary situation to be in, with the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ bearing down on him.

As Tyson has lost none of his power and little of his movement, Cordero always has to keep his awareness on point.

“We train hard every single day. We know it’s an exhibition, but guys like Mike and Roy inside the ring if you don’t move your head it’s coming off,” Cordero told TMZ.

“Nothing comes for free. Mike trains six or seven hours a day.

“He hit me a couple of times I saw stars. The first time he caught my chin, I saw my wife, my daughter, and my son. My life passed in front of me.

“The second time he caught me, I was like ok, its Mike.”

On Tyson’s desire to compete in the ring a full fifteen years after his last bout, Cordero added:

“I have never had the opportunity to train with somebody who is 53 years old (54) with his background. He is impressive.

“I have never seen anything like this before. Mike Tyson has the experience, and his techniques are better today than what he had in the past.

“He shows desire every day when we train. He runs every single morning. Mike Tyson trains three times a day for his body, but his mind is there.

“He is still the same Mike Tyson in the ring.”


Concluding with his thoughts on how long Mike Tyson could fight for during his second career, Cordero said: “I believe his prime is still to come.

“He is improving every single day in the gym; he doesn’t move like he is 53 years old (54).

“I believe this fight is his mind. Then we train Mike for the belt. First, we train him to beat Roy. To knock Roy out if we have the opportunity.”

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