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Home » Anthony Joshua shows off mad football skills in training for Kubrat Pulev

Anthony Joshua shows off mad football skills in training for Kubrat Pulev

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Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua displayed the football skills that got him noticed as a youngster when having some downtime during a recent session at Evolve Gym.

Joshua, a talented footballer as a youth in Watford growing up, has always harbored dreams of being a professional in the code.

Raising eyebrows with a social post showing off his keep-up talents. A plethora of fans commented tongue-in-cheek that AJ should now replace Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

Messi is on the verge of leaving the club he’s spent his whole life with at the age of 33.

For Joshua, training camp has begun for a clash against Kubrat Pulev in December. The Briton will put his four titles on the line against his mandatory obligation.


In a recent chat with Apple Music’s Songs for Life, Joshua discussed his philosophy and legacy. Also his connection with the Rocky song ‘Gonna Fly Now’.

“Boxing is something that you don’t need much. You just need a good teacher. A little bit of ability. Just a pair of trainers, and some boxing gloves. And that’s what the dream is about.

“The Rocky dream. Gonna Fly Now. We’re going to go all the way. Sky’s the limit. Heavyweight champion of the world. Yep. This is when it gets tough. You’re going uphill now.

“Got to outwork the pain. Whatever you’re feeling, outwork it. If you swim, you’re going to get wet.

“Don’t shy away from it. That’s what we try and teach ourselves. That’s what winning feels like. So this embodies all of that. That’s what I’m saying.

“It’s a great time to be a heavyweight. I’m happy that Fury won. It just changed the whole dimension of the heavyweight division.

“We are fighting for legacy. I’m ready for them. I’m waiting for them. Come and get some. This is legacy. This is Rocky. That fire, I don’t think it can die. I don’t know if it can ever die.”