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World Boxing Council scrap controversial point deduction handicap ruling

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At the recent World Boxing Council 58th Convention, a decision was made final on the controversial point deduction ruling over accidental cuts.

The eventual realization was made public by the WBC as follows:

Firstly, many years ago, the WBC instituted the rule ‘automatic point deduction rule to the uncut boxer.’

The referee deducts one point from the uninjured boxer. This happened when an unintentional/accidental foul resulted in the other boxer suffering a cut, a significant abrasion, or substantial swelling.

The rationale of that rule was to even out the playing field due to the potential complications for the injured boxer. He could suffer for the rest of the bout.

The experience over the years and the so many examples of boxers having to fight for the rest of the contest with such handicaps. They have blood flowing into their eyes.

Add to that the stress and concern of having a cut or major swelling, shut eyes, and even the image of having blood on one’s face. This often impresses the judges.


This rule has been effective and respected in most countries of the world and worked efficiently. However, several important jurisdictions have rejected the rule.

This includes the BBBC (U.K.) and some U.S.A. Commissions.

The lack of uniform acceptance of the rule has resulted in confusion. Overall, the rule has not accomplished the intended results of promoting fairer and more just results.

For the reasons explained above, the WBC Board of Governors recently voted in favor of abolishing the application of the unintentional injury point deduction rule in WBC bouts.

This decision is to take effect immediately.

The WBC has begun a journey to try to unify all rules, at least for championship fights all over the world.

Therefore, we have taken the first step and will work diligently with all boxing federations. Plus world sanctioning organizations and local boxing commissions.

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