George Foreman jokes ‘Martians used his body’ during Muhammad Ali loss

Former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, George Foreman is never one to shy away from giving his fans interaction on social media.

‘Big George’ is a regular on Twitter and always tried his hardest to answer each and every question put to him.

But recently, one fan got more than he bargained for when quizzing Foreman on his legendary defeat to Muhammad Ali.

During the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, the two-time top division ruler says he was abducted by aliens as Ali used his famous ‘Rope-a-Dope’ maneuver to tired Foreman out.

Foreman unloaded everything in his arsenal on Ali that night in 1974 before his tank emptied and Ali capitalized.

Now, with tongue firmly in cheek, Foreman gave his views on what exactly happened in the ring.

“That night in Africa, I was asleep. I heard a high pitch noise,” joked Foreman. “Two fellows wearing green suits told me to come with them.

“I couldn’t move. When they brought me back the fight was over. The Martians used my body. I was never touched. (All I) Heard (was) Ali, Ali, Ali!”

The 71-year-old went down in the eighth and was out for the referee Zach Clayton’s ten count. Foreman admitted afterward it was the hardest thing for him to deal with in his life.

Heading into the contest, Foreman was a formidable 40-0 juggernaut. Undefeatable and possibly the best puncher of all-time.


Once Ali had his hand raised, though, Foreman became just another victim of ‘The Greatest’. It was a tough time for George Foreman.

He fought six more times before losing again and retreating into a shell for days shy of a decade.

Emerging in 1987, Foreman embarked on one of the best comeback stories in the history of boxing. It culminated in Foreman becoming the oldest heavyweight champion of all in 1994.

That stoppage of Michael Moorer vindicated Foreman’s legacy. Years on, he’s correctly known as one of most revered warriors ever to lace them up.

Aliens or not.

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay