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Home » Bob Arum banishes Jarrell Miller permanently for ‘stupidity’

Bob Arum banishes Jarrell Miller permanently for ‘stupidity’

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Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has vowed to banish Jarrell Miller from Top Rank permanently after another failed drug test was revealed this year.

It comes on the back of the ‘Big Baby’ seeing a second fight in two years scrapped due to an adverse finding in his sample.

Miller tested positive for GW1516, one of three banned substances the American had in his system in 2019.

Despite seeing a world title challenge with Anthony Joshua fall apart, Top Rank decided to take the plunge and sign Miller.

Bob Arum on Jarrell Miller

Arum now admits that was a mistake due to Miller popping dirty again,

“How stupid can you be? That was my reaction,” Arum told talkSPORT Fight Night.

“I mean when we signed the fight after he had tested positive before the fight with Anthony Joshua, he told me it was his people that did it. And he (told me he) would be very careful, he would have a special nutritionist.

“And boom, the same thing happened and he tested dirty.

“I think, again, that’s a credit to boxing. Because once we scheduled him to fight, the Nevada Commission immediately had VADA test him.

“The first test uncovered performance-enhancing drugs. It’s very, very hard to deal with stupidity.

“And if you’re asking me if I’d continue my contract with him, the answer is, ‘Not in your life.’

“Jarrell Miller will never fight on a Top Rank card.”


With his career now in tatters, it’s hard to see where Miller goes from here. The World Boxing Council has already banned him from their rankings for three years.

“What I can say is that he’s (Jarrell Miller) been out of the WBC picture for three years because we did not consider him to be eligible for rankings,” Sulaiman told Sky Sports. “And because he did not enroll in the clean boxing program.

“When he was first ranked. We sent them the documents. He had three months to fill three pieces of paper, and he failed to do so.

“Then somehow they claimed they didn’t have the papers. So we rang him again and sent them the paper, and he didn’t submit twice. So he has been expelled from the WBC for three years.”