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WBC reveals further details regarding Jarrell Miller drug testing

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The World Boxing Council has lifted the lid on yet another problem regarding American heavyweight Jarrell Miller and drug testing procedures.

‘Big Baby’ has been the subject of severe condemnation of late due to the fact Miller tested positive for a fifth career banned substance.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has now revealed even more damning information on Miller’s track record of anti-doping.

It’s been revealed that Miller has either refused or ignored offers to sign up for the WBC Clean Boxing Program on one more than one occasion.

This is further evidence of the 31-year-old not playing ball despite his vehement denials in the media recently. Miller has certainly taken no responsibility.

Outlining their decision to effectively ban Miller from competing for a WBC title for three years, Sulaiman told Sky Sports: “Jarrell Miller specifically, he was expelled from the WBC.

“This is because he failed to enroll in the clean boxing program. Not once, but twice.”

Asked if Miller would be welcomed back in the future, he replied: “I don’t speculate. I don’t like to – what if.

“What I can say is that he’s (Jarrell Miller) been out of the WBC picture for three years because we did not consider him to be eligible for rankings. And because he did not enroll in the clean boxing program.

“When he was first ranked. We sent them the documents. He had three months to fill three pieces of paper, and he failed to do so.

“Then somehow they claimed they didn’t have the papers. So we rang him again and sent them the paper, and he didn’t submit twice. So he has been expelled from the WBC for three years.”


Miller has compiled an undefeated record in the pro ranks and was only seriously flagged when involved in a world title fight.

A money-spinning battle with Anthony Joshua fell apart and added to a kickboxing failure before his boxing career began.

Three banned substances were present in Miller’s system at that time. This latest and third red flag was said to have contained one of those said substances, GW1516.

Calls for a life suspension for Miller seem premature as no sanctioning body has the power to do so.