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Home » World Champ blasts Oscar De La Hoya for ‘talking smack’ quip

World Champ blasts Oscar De La Hoya for ‘talking smack’ quip

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Jermell Charlo wasted no time giving Oscar De La Hoya his response after the Golden Boy promoter accused the world champ of ‘talking smack.’

The pair, who parted ways when Al Haymon began his own Premier Boxing Champions company, have had disagreements of late.

Charlo was unhappy with what De La Hoya said, which wasn’t a glowing reference to their time together.

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar told Cynthia Conte: “We brought Canelo up from scratch. We brought Ryan Garcia from scratch.

“We promoted Deontay Wilder and got him to his first world title. (Jermell) Charlo, who was talking smack.

“He doesn’t know that when you left us, or they (PBC) took you from us, yeah, you were getting paid one hundred thousand dollars. But for fighting eight rounds, ten rounds, and you weren’t even the world champion.”

A clearly angry Charlo immediately aired his views on the matter.

“If y’all believe that s—, you a fool,” he said. “(In) 2012, I KO’d Chris Chatman in a 10-round fight which was 15-1 at the time. Thank you, PBC, for saving us Black Fighters.

“Back then, I can tell how much value Oscar De La Hoya had for us. We ran in the category of ‘let’s build them up to tear down. But little did he know I was a conscious fighter, ready to prove my worth.

“The risk was greater than the reward. His excuse is he had 100 fighters.”

Jermell Charlo

The WBC middleweight title holder continued: “Ain’t no bouncing back when you still doing the same thing to the current black fighters.

“You go ask any of them how they fell. They’ll feel they are biting the hand that’s giving birdseed. Little do they know somebody willing to help them grow!

“Ain’t No B—- over here. Can’t nobody take me? I’m not you! I have seen better for my career and was conscious enough. To dip so I can provide for my family.

“So many quiet black fighters are suffering now and suffered when GBP was up. Imma (sic) to speak on it.

“I work for me. Dude, don’t f*** with (us). He might do business, but when it comes to his heart, it isn’t pure.

“You know I didn’t give a f—. I took what I could when I fought Demetrius Hopkins (33-1), the nephew to Oscar’s business partner, on June 6, 2013. What were my chances?

“Odds were against me. I felt some way then. I was 20-0 and 23yrs old but still made less than 100k.”

Charlo then spoke about the time Golden Boy initially refused to sign his twin brother, who became a world champion in his own right.

“Let me tell you all something that motivated me when I was with Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Boxing.

“They never signed my twin brother. I always wanted to be promoted by the same company as my twin. I was told the more I win, the bigger his chances of getting signed.

“They still never signed him. But he hopped on a few of the undercards because of me. It wasn’t enough.

“But imagine what I dealt with personally regarding how my twin felt. It was only right I get the f— out of that s—. We had like almost 8-9 fight difference,” he concluded.

Those words surely won’t go down well with De La Hoya. It’s not the first time a fighter has taken social media to criticize the legend.

Two of his stars of the moment, Canelo and Ryan Garcia, have put grievances out in the open in the last year alone.

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