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The best ever Mike Tyson knockout picked out by former trainer

Teddy Atlas knows all about the work Mike Tyson put in to become the youngest heavyweight champion of all time. The man was side-by-side with the formidable puncher for years.

Overseeing the early stages of Tyson’s development, Atlas was certainly an integral part of a dream team that distilled the fundamentals of being an animal into ‘Iron’ Mike.

After a long spell on honing his skills, Mike Tyson was unleashed to the world in 1984. The rest is history.

Just two years later, Mike became ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ and scored his greatest stoppage on the night of his ‘coming out party’ – according to Atlas.

“It’s got to be Trevor Berbick,” Atlas told ESPN Sports Center. “First of all, you have to understand the anatomy of the knockout.

“He was taught up in Catskill with me and Cus D’Amato. Cus was always talking about picking spots to hit a guy.

“You know, behind the ear and on the temple. Different areas, like the liver for body shots.

“This was a shot on the temple. There was no other opening so he hit him with the left hook on the temple.

“Look what happened, you saw it. He falls this way, he falls that way. He falls backward, he stands up. And then he falls through the ropes.

“You talk about dramatic. You talk about that’s for the heavyweight title. Talk about being on a stage and in a moment and capturing that moment.

“That’s what that was and that was the coming out. That was the star going on Broadway and saying, ‘I am a star!'”


Retiring in 2005 as a two-time world heavyweight champion, Tyson has since been linked to an astonishing comeback at 53.

Training like a demon and being inundated with offers, the fighter-turned-actor-turned-podcast host stands to make millions.

In regards to opponents, one man stands out above all – Evander Holyfield. The pair have already met twice in the 1990s and Holyfield is also back in training.

‘The Real Deal’ is in superb shape despite being four years older than Tyson. He also hung up his gloves far later than the New Yorker did.

Middle Eastern bids to host the contest could be a solid bet as the United States is currently unable to host bouts with fans. Even more so now, due to the riots and lack of social distancing happening due to the murder of George Floyd.

Furthermore, an official statement on Tyson vs Holyfield III rumors should be made in the next week or two.