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Home » Ex-Mike Tyson coach Teddy Atlas reacts to Mayweather v Pacquiao 2

Ex-Mike Tyson coach Teddy Atlas reacts to Mayweather v Pacquiao 2

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Ex-Mike Tyson trainer Teddy Atlas has aired his current talk about a Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao rematch.

The commentator has notoriously had a harsh view on Pacquiao for years and has questioned the need for another bout.

In 2015, Pacquiao labored to a loss and blamed an injury, although he and Mayweather seem to want to get it on again.

Speaking to Sirius XM before the Gennady Golovkin v Canelo Alvarez rematch, Atlas was skeptical. It happens anyway.
“I know that Manny, from what I hear, needs money, so that’s the first thing. This is a pretty damn sad story. If that is true, it sounds like it’s true. So that’s number one,” said Atlas.

“Number two, I’d like to know who the hell is going to buy [the PPV] at this point?”


“You know one guy’s been away for years. He’s 39 years old. And you know it was way past their primes, obviously, and one of them is retired. So I don’t know.

“But listen, Barnum and Bailey, the great promoter once said there’s a sucker bored every two minutes so that they are going to behave to sell it. I’m sure that they would be doing it if they didn’t think there was some market out there in all that that people want to see stuff.

“You know they watch reality television. Does this fall under the label of entertainment marquee names. Entertainment, I don’t know what….and other shorts probably going to you know sounds like it might happen.

Ak: Could he be just trying to interfere with this fight tonight just because he has such a great animosity towards Oscar De La Hoya, maybe trolling, and it takes some, you know, some attention for this fight?

Teddy: They all play the PR game. Everybody seems to want to soak that sun up, and you know sometimes they can’t get enough, you know it’s intoxicating, it’s almost like a drug in people’s minds. You don’t exist anymore. You don’t practice anymore. In that way. Yeah. And then also would you just touched on, you know, try to take a little shot the timing is precarious. You know it’s interesting at the very least. But you know who knows who all those things are on the table.

Barak: So if these two guys pass their prime fight, one of them is retired. Do you think that it would be the same fight? Well, Manny, he’s been active. What do you think?


Teddy: it’s probably a false illusion and is probably nothing like what you saw against Matthyse. Matthyse was completely shot, and Manny looked better than he probably looked with a better fighter. Quite frankly, you want to know the truth. But you know Floyd has been retired, and Floyd is not near his prime. So Pacquiao probably has a better, well, might have a better chance now than he did a few years ago.