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Home » Reason fans believed Tyson Fury was knocked out in spar video emerges

Reason fans believed Tyson Fury was knocked out in spar video emerges

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A video went viral on social media after some fans mistook the culprit of a solid knockout to be current WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury.


The reason why has now been revealed. In a deliberate move, the video was made blurry in an attempt to fool some supporters.

Many fans revealed their disbelief in the short clip when the original was found. They knew straight away that Fury was not the boxer in the tape.

Lying on the ground was the most visible angle to make some believe it was Fury. Although at the beginning of the recording, it’s clearly not ‘The Gypsy King’.


The weights of both boxers are entirely different also.

Fans’ comments were predictable as the hoax was made apparent.

“Can tell it wasn’t Fury straight away from the back and chest,” said one.

Another added: “That video of Tyson Fury getting KO’d in sparring is fake. Its a guy that looks a bit like Fury and the video has been pixelated on purpose to look even more like Fury.


“Here is the knockout from another closer angle. Clearly not Fury.”


Others said: “Have to be seriously stupid to think this is @Tyson_Fury. Firstly, looks nothing like him, and secondly, when did Fury get so shredded.

“In the fake blurry video from a distance it does look like Fury. He even makes the same noises as Fury and moves a bit like Fury. It had quite a few people fooled. You can’t see the shred in the fake either.


“That’s definitely not @Tyson_Fury. He’s never been knocked out sparring or in a fight, just knocked down but that’s about it, he always gets back up, that guys got a heart of a lion.”

One simply stated: “Tyson never shaves his chest.”

Fury scored the best stoppage of his career in February when taking out arch-rival Deontay Wilder in seven rounds.

The Las Vegas clash broke gate receipts records in the USA. Fury and Wilder will do it all again in the near future.